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7 Tips in Choosing a Smartphone

smartphone3With the rise in popularity of smartphones, there are a myriad of options in styles, operating systems, functionality and more. It can be overwhelming as a consumer to determine what smartphone is right for you, especially if it is your first smartphone. If you are thinking of purchasing a new smartphone to replace an outdated or broken one or you are entering the world of smartphones for the first time the following are 7 tips to help you choose:

1. Determine Your Need: The first step should be to sit down with a pen and paper and write out a list of the reasons you are looking at getting a smartphone. Is it for GPS capabilities? Is music the driving force behind your decision? Do you plan on using the camera frequently? Before you commit to the price tag of a new smartphone and the carrier fees, be sure you really need/want a smartphone. It helps to have a prioritized list of what you are looking for in a smartphone so later you can decide between similar options.

2. Create a Budget: Sit down and really think about what you are looking to spend on not only the phone, but also the extra fees associated with smartphones. Because of their internet capabilities, smartphones will add extra costs to your phone bill. Be sure you have a grasp of the amount you want to spend before you talk to a carrier. Be wary of promotions that sound too good to be true.

3. Find/Talk to a Carrier: If you don’t currently have a cellphone provider, shop around. There are a lot of competing companies in the market and if you are free to choose any one of them you can often negotiate better deals. If you are already locked in with a certain provider, talk to your carrier about what options are available to you. This is where it is extremely important to ask about the details of fees and upgrade costs. Remember that smartphones are basically computers and therefore have a cost that must be offset by your carrier. If they are offering a free phone, be sure to examine their fine print closely.

smartphone14. Consider Size: One of the major differences in the smartphone market nowadays is the size of the phone’s screen. From compact 4″ screens to “phablets” (a phone-tablet cross) measuring in at upwards of 6″ there are plenty of options available. If your eyesight isn’t great and you want a larger phone ask for phablet style phones. If your vision is fine and you want something easy to carry around, consider a compact smartphone.

5. Ask About Battery Life: If you are going to be using your smartphone heavily, consider a smartphone with a longer battery life. Again, having a prioritized list will help you determine if this a crucial factor to you. But keep in mind that a phone will only be helpful if it is on and a short battery life can quickly become a taxing matter for heavy phone users.

6. Check Out the Camera: Smartphones have come leaps and bounds in regards to cameras. If you are investing in a smartphone, it is wise to find one with an exceptional camera. This combines the cost of a nice camera and phone into one and will be a nice investment if you want to be able to easily upload a lot of high quality photos quickly.

smartphone27. Test Drive: Finally, even if you are getting an online deal for your smartphone, go to a local store and test out the phone you are considering. Holding the physical phone in your hand can help you determine if it is the right size for you and if it is easily maneuverable. There are a lot of different operating systems and they all are navigated differently. If you test out the phone you are considering you will get a better idea of if it is the right style for you.

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