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Mounting TVs and Creating Home Theaters

mounted TVPerhaps you have just brought home that shiny new flat screen TV that you found for a great deal and you are ready to fire it up to enjoy hours of crystal clear entertainment. But before you can do so, your TV must be safely mounted and secured. Why take the chance of endangering your new TV with an incorrect or inefficient mount? The team of tech experts at Total Tech Repair has years of experience mounting electronics of all sizes to secure TVs and home theaters in Long Island. For expert TV mounting and home theater installation, let Total Tech Repair be your first call!

While most flat screen TVs do come with mounts to secure them to the wall, these mounts can be finicky at times and they require precise attention for proper installation and to ensure it does not sustain damage. A damaged or incorrectly installed mount is a recipe for disaster, not to mention, it’s a risk to your TV and all those sitting or walking nearby.

Professional mounting allows for secure installation to last indefinitely, along with the bonus of concealing unsightly wires. For TV mounting and home theater installation, call us today at (631) 517-0021!

Cracking the Case: Why Do Our Screens Still Break?

broken phone screenThe high speed and cutting edge technology widely available in our phones, tablets, and computers is astounding. But for all the great technology, we would think that the strength of our screens would match the capabilities of our devices. Cracked screens are the leading type of damage for today’s technology, and here we explore why.

As consumers demand larger, faster, and thinner devices, the advances in glass strengthening are offset. Thinner but wider frames absorb less shock when dropped, often leading to broken or shattered screens. Even more, we imagine smartphones should be sleek, and a device designed to be rugged enough to withstand being dropped won’t live up to how we imagine a smartphone or device should look or feel.

However, advances in durability and strength are being made. Most screens are made with glass – other materials, such as sapphire, that are stronger than glass are too expensive to be widely used. Many screens are now being reinforced with ion-strengthened glass, which replaces sodium ions with stronger potassium ions on the touch surface.

Replacing My Broken Screen

If you are ready to have a crystal clear screen again, call our team today at 631-517-0021! We are Long Island’s top tech repair experts, committed to excellent service at affordable prices.

(Tech) Support Yourself!

woman typing Computers, smartphones and tablets have become commonplace in just about every aspect of daily life for Americans. Even though these tools have become an essential part of everyday activities, many people are unable to solve some of the most basic issues they experience. With a little help from our technicians, you can learn a few helpful tips and tricks to troubleshoot your basic computer issues.

Restart Your Device

The first step that anyone experiencing an issue with their computer or tablet should take to remedy their issue is to restart their device. While restarting your computer, take a moment to install any updates. Regularly installing updates helps keep your computer running efficiently by providing bug fixes and performance upgrades.

Slow Computers

There are several potential causes of a slow computer. The first step towards improving your electronic device’s speed is to verify the cause of the slowdown. Many times, people mistakenly believe the source of their computer’s slow speed is the device itself. However, your broadband connection can be the culprit for slow-loading and buffering videos and websites.

You can determine if your machine is the root of your slow loading times by checking the available space on your hard drive. If your hard drive is being fully utilized, your device’s performance will decline. Clearing a some space on your hard drive can help improve your computer’s speed and loading times.

To determine if your broadband connection is the issue causing slow loading speed, you can use various free internet broadband speed tests such as Your speeds should be at least half of your internet provider’s advertised speed.

How to Keep Your Phone Space Free

taking picture with cell phoneIf you have ever encountered a message on your phone that says you have no more free space, you know exactly how important it is to keep your number of applications and pictures to a minimum. Our devices give us instant access to all forms of media: having to stop and clear space is contrary to the speed of our technology and leaves us feeling frustrated. Here we have a few tips to help keep your phone space clear.

  1. Too many pictures. A common mobile photography strategy is to take many captures of the same shot – while this helps you secure the perfect shot, it will also leave you with lots of extra duplicates. Be sure to delete any extras as soon as you take them. Eventually, you will need to upload your pictures to your computer or to an online storage service and wipe the pictures from your phone clean.
  2. Too much music. Consider switching to an online music streaming service to channel your tunes. Some of these services allow you to create playlists of your favorite songs, so you are able to listen to exact music you would if your songs were stored on your phone.
  3. Too many apps. Apps can take up huge chunks of phone space. Whether you downloaded more games over the summer, or you have shopping apps for the holiday season, deleting apps can be a quick and easy fix to a storage space problem.

If your phone is unprecedentedly slow or is experiencing problems, call our tech experts today at (631) 517-0021!

Tips For Avoiding Viruses

computer without virusesHave you ever had a computer that got overloaded with viruses? They can become effectively useless. If you want to keep this from happening to you, you can do a few things to prevent it. Here, we’ve presented just a few basic tips for avoiding viruses on your computer.

Anti Spyware/Anti Virus:

If you want real protection from viruses, you might have to shell out a little extra cash. Free versions of these options don’t always offer the capabilities necessary to find and get rid of viruses.


You need to always ensure that you have the updated version of your anti spyware and anti virus applications. 

Daily Scans:

This adds another layer of protection against any viruses that might get through the automated scans.

Avoid E-mail Links:

If you have Windows, you’ve probably heard about doing this already. Don’t trust any e-mail link if you don’t know where it came from. Run a virus scan before opening e-mails up.


Keep all these in mind while using your computer, and chances will drastically decrease of getting a virus. If you need help with virus removal, Total Tech Care can help. To find out more about our services, please give us a call at (631) 517-0021.

Outsourcing IT Management: The Benefits

Bringing businesses into the technological realm can seem like a daunting prospect. The technical knowledge required to do so proves enormous. Instead of creating an IT management team within the company, you can just outsource the work. We’ve listed the benefits of doing so here.

working at the computer





Cost efficient:

With outsourced IT management, you won’t have to spend the time and money hiring people on full time and training them. You can request only the services you need, saving money.

Focus on your business:

With the technical aspect getting taken care of by someone else, you can put all of your time and energy into your business. Spend your energy where you think it best.


You don’t have to hire your IT guys forever. Set up a seasonal or cyclical work schedule. You’ll have control over how you use your resources.


If these sound like some benefits you’d like to take advantage of, Total Tech Repair has you covered. To find out more about this or any of our other many services, call one of our representatives today. You can reach us at (631) 517-0021.

Phone Scams

Not all types of hacking always get done over a computer. Sometimes people impersonate Microsoft employees to get at your personal information. To help you watch out for phone scams, we’ve put together a little information about them:






If you get a call from someone who claims to work for Microsoft, they may try to sell you a software license or ask if you need help with your computer. Both of these things should raise a red flag. Some of their goals might include: having you install malicious software, downloading software that will give them control over your computer, getting your credit car number, and more.

Should you encounter this type of scam, do not ever give up your credit card information or download anything. Ask for the person’s name and call the authorities.


If your computer has gotten infected by viruses, Total Tech Repair can help. For more information, just call one of our qualified employees at (631) 517-0021.


Tips When Choosing A Tablet

Getting a new tablet is always a fun experience. Sometimes the smart phones just don’t cut it, especially due to screen size. When you are in the market for a new tablet, it’s important to pick the one that is right for you. To help you in the process, here are some basic tips to choosing the one appropriate to your needs.






Operating System:

There are, more or less, three basic operating systems for tablets: Apple (with iOS), Google (with Android), and Microsoft (with Windows). Generally, the rule of thumb is to pick the one that you’re already using for your smartphone. If you do, they can run together seamlessly.

Sticking to a budget:

Generally, tablet prices can range anywhere from $200-800. Lower end devices will come with such drawbacks as less storage capacity and less display quality.

Finding out app selection:

A tablet is only as good as the apps that it runs. Check out the apps available for each tablet on your web browser. While not all apps are tablet-friendly, the recent trend is moving that way.

Check out the tablets:

  • Try tablets in the store first, even if you’re ordering on line.
  • Check out the specs of each tablet.
  • Choose the size appropriate for you. They’ll usually come in 10 or 7 inch options. If you want the bigger screen, go for the 10. If you want more portability, go for the 7.


These are just some of the things to keep in mind during your new tablet purchase. Here at Total Tech Repair, we offer tablet repairs alongside a host of other tech services. For more information, please give us a call at (631) 517-0021.

Optimize Your IPhone Use

IPhones are a great technology; we don’t even know what we would do without them anymore. Still, they have so many functions that the average user is unaware of; nobody wants to take the time out of their day to read and understand the manual. Fortunately, here at Total Tech Repair we can condense all that information into an easy training session for you.


We offer at-home training to help you optimize your IPhone use. If you have trouble organizing your music, photos, books, data, or anything else, we can help show you how. Our employees will sit you down and explain your phone in a manner that is easy to understand.


Face it, eventually something is going to happen to your phone; it might get dropped in the toilet or crushed under a boot, but something is going to happen. You could take it to the Apple store, but if you don’t have a warranty you’ll likely just be forking over the cash for a new phone. Instead, come to us; we offer affordable repair prices for your phone.


If you need either of these things for your phone, let us know! At Total Tech Repair, we offer phone repair/training alongside a host of other tech services. For more information, please give us a call at (631) 517-0021.

Signs of a Computer Virus

There’s a reason we call them viruses; they stop your computer from functioning properly. The layman may not always be able to tell if their computer has been infected. Here are some signs your computer has viruses that you need to remove:





Excessive pop-ups:

This is a huge sign your computer has been infected by a virus. It’s usually caused by spyware or fake antivirus software.

Your computer runs slowly:

A computer virus is one of a few different causes of this problem. Viruses, worms, and Trojans often run tasks that consume a lot of your computer’s functioning power.

Loss of internet connection:

While this could just be a bad connection, sometimes it is caused by a computer virus. Malware may be connecting to a URL and taking up your internet speed.

Lost files:

This is bad news. Some viruses encrypt or delete information on your computer. If this happens to you, you definitely need to get it checked out.

Antivirus software/firewall disappearance:

Many viruses disable security systems. If all of your security systems are disabled at once, chances are your computer has a virus.

Game or program disappearance:

If these have disappeared from your library, chances are it was a virus that did it.


These are just some of the symptoms of a computer virus. Here at Total Tech Repair, we can help you with virus removal. We also offer a host of other computer-related services. For more information, give us a call at (631) 517-0021.