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TV Mounting: What To Think About Before Mounting a TV

TV Mounting: What To Think About Before Mounting a TV

Things To Consider Before Mounting a TV in Your Home.

Mounting a TV in residential homes has become more popular in the last couple of years. Instead of having a whole entertainment center that takes up space, mounting a TV can free up a ton of space in your living room or bedrooms. While it’s a great thing to consider, there are several things to contemplate before a TV is mounted on your wall.

The Size/Weight of the TV

This is a big thing to consider when you have your TV mounted. Will the mounting brackets be able to hold up the weight and size of your TV? This will determine the location of your TV.

How Do You Want It Mounted?

Do you want it to be fixed in one place or do you want the freedom to move the TV from more than one angle? You’ll either need fixed brackets or full-motion brackets to get the TV mount that you want.

The Position of the TV

Having the TV too close or too far away can really ruin your TV watching experience; the height and the distance are something to really think about.

The Concealment of Cords and Components

Usually, when people choose to mount a TV on their wall, they are doing it to have a clean, uncluttered look. Having said that, coming up with a plan to conceal wires, cords, and TV components like cable boxes and DVD players is a good idea.

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