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Can You Fix a Laptop Screen?

Technician Cleaning Hardware for Laptop Screen Repair

Dealing With a Broken Laptop Screen

Owning a laptop is meant to provide a little more convenience to your life. You can be more mobile and work from anywhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection. That can all be hindered when strange lines or discoloration start to appear on your screen. The major problem with diagnosing laptop screen problems is that, it really could be anything. Laptop screens are a direct part of the entire body, which means lines on your screen could be the result of a software or a hardware problem. For help with laptop screen repair in Long Island, NY, rely on TotalTech Repair. Call us at (631) 517-0021 for more information.

Damaged Screen Needing Laptop Screen Repair

What Causes Vertical Lines on Laptop Screen?

Issues with your laptop screen can either be a hardware or a software problem. Unlike a desktop computer, the laptop screen is actually a part of the body of the system. Because of this, the root of the problem can be a bit difficult to identify. Regardless, there are several things you can do at home that can easily fix the problem. If you are not comfortable doing the repairs yourself, there are many companies, like TotalTech Repair, that provide home computer services in Long Island, NY as well. Either way, it is important to know what to do when your laptop screen starts to fail. 

If you are choosing to repair the screen yourself, you need to determine whether the problem is hardware or software related. That is actually pretty easy to determine. All you have to do is restart your computer and at the very first screen you encounter, click the button that will take you into your computer’s BIOS settings. Because the BIOS is not technically a part of the computer’s Operating System, you shouldn’t see any lines on this screen. If there aren’t any, then you’ll know the problem is software related. If there are lines, then that will indicate the problem is hardware related. 

Once you’ve determined the problem, you can then decide how to proceed. For software problems, the most probable cause of the problem is outdated display drivers. This is actually a very easy fix to complete. You’ll just need to download the latest drivers from the official manufacturing website. Get them, restart your computer, and then your computer should be fixed. 

Hardware problems, however, may not always be so easy to fix. For these issues, you may want to rely on a tech repair company for help. If you’re wondering, “Where can I get my laptop screen repaired?” there are actually several companies that will come to you.

Laptop Screen Repair at Home

How much are laptop screen repairs? The general laptop screen repair costs can vary between $150 and $300. That is why so many choose to try repairing the screens themselves to help save money. There are actually several things you can do before contacting a repair company, if money is an issue for you.

  • Display Download: As mentioned already, problems with the screen can be software or hardware related. If it is software related, the most likely solution will be to download and install updated display drivers to resolve the issue.
  • Replace Ribbon Cable: When the issue is hardware related, the most probable issue is a damaged or defective ribbon cable. These can easily be searched and purchased online. You will need to open the laptop in order to replace the damaged ribbon.
  • Replace the Screen: When the problem is not software or hardware related, but a completely cracked screen you’ll need to purchase a whole new screen. However, in this case, it might be best to rely on tech services to ensure a correct and professional replacement.

Problems with your laptop screen can feel like a major inconvenience, but that is why tech repair companies like TotalTech Repair exist. Our goal is to help provide quality service and to bring back a little more convenience to your life. Just like you’d rely on someone when you need Broken glass repair service, rely on us when you need laptop screen repair in Long Island, NY.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I fix vertical lines on my computer screen?
    • You can run an update or diagnostic on your computer first, to see if it is a software problem causing the lines. You can also check the screen resolution. If those methods don’t remove the lines, it could be a hardware problem that needs repair.
  • Why does my computer have lines on the screen?
    • There could be a hardware or software problem affecting the screen resolution, which is resulting in lines across your screen. 
  • Why is my laptop screen different colors?
    • Different colors are an indication of screen failure. It could be dead pixels, which need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring. 
  • What causes a laptop screen to flicker?
    • Most likely, it is a hardware failure that is causing the flicker. There could be loose or damaged screen cable. Open and close the screen a few times to see if the flicker is caused by movement, which will confirm whether the flicker is a hardware problem or not.
Laptop Screen Repair Will Fix Lines and Discoloration on The Screen

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