3 Computer Maintenance Tips

Whether you’ve had your computer for awhile or it’s relatively new, maintenance both inside and out is still important! It can help your computer last longer and running smoothly. We’ve compiled a list of computer maintenance tips to help keep your computer in its best shape!

computer maintenance


Dust likes to settle in those tiny crevasses between keys on the keyboard. You may also notice a buildup on the outside of your computer. A can of compressed air will take care of any dust in hard-to-reach areas. As for the rest of the computer, wipe the screen with a screen-friendly cleaner and lenscloth to keep your hardware looking good.


It’s a good idea to go through the files on your computer and delete any that are no longer useful to you. Deleting old school assignments and programs you no longer need or use will free up space on your computer and help it run faster. Something else you can do for all the important files you don’t want to lose is to back up your computer! You can either buy an external hard drive or back it up to a cloud-based server. This way, if you lose any of your files or your computer crashes, you’ll have a backup elsewhere.


Don’t forget about that anti-virus software! If you haven’t invested in your computer’s safety already, now would be a good time. You can save money and hassle by buying software that protects your computer against viruses, malware, pop-ups and more!

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