3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Charging Cables

Are you tired of your phone’s charging cables consistently failing on you? Particularly, the iPhone’s infamous cables? We’ve all experienced it, the blinking charging icon, the low battery warning after 2 hours on the charger, and of course, the mind-numbing frustration that accompanies the failure of your phone’s life support. We’ve put together 3 tips to help you extend the life of your charging cables!

protect phone charging cables

Struggling with your charging cables?

Be Nice

The best way to protect your charging cable is to be gentle with it! Yanking it out of the wall, and pulling by the wire instead of the connector head are both easy ways to damage the delicate wires within your charger. When traveling with your cable, coil it properly and pack it in a way that prevents any pulling or tangling that may cause pulling on the wires. Be sure to avoid putting tension on your charging cable as well. Your phone isn’t really meant to be used while it is charging, so let it charge undisturbed when you have the opportunity, so as to avoid pulling or damaging the cord!


Use Protection

We live busy lives; we don’t always have time to be nice to our cables! So how do we protect our cables, that seem designed to break on purpose, in our fast paced lifestyles? Internet users from all around have come up with ideas for reinforcing charging cables, so here are a couple. The cleanest and quickest DIY we’ve seen is the spring idea. Remove the spring from an old click pen, (such as those classic Pilot gel pens), and wrap it around the cable. then push it up to the connector head, to protect the area where the wire meets the connector. Other DIY enthusiasts have started weaving para-cord or crafting string over the entire cable, making for a fashion statement as well as a protection method.


Invest in Yourself

Now, this next method comes down to your wallet. If you are constantly replacing gas-station-kiosk charging cables, it may be time to invest in a higher quality cable. A quality cable will feature metal connector heads that can withstand being stepped on or caught in a car door, along with a woven fabric or plastic sleeve that covers the length of the wire. While these charges may set you back around $30, they might actually last you the lifespan of your phone, so in the long run, is it really more expensive? Probably not!


Turn To The TotalTech Experts

If you get a new cable, but your phone still isn’t charging, it might not be the cable. Come see the guys at TotalTech Repair in Long Island, NY, for all of your phone and tablet repair needs! We even offer training services, so you can get the most out of your devices. Call us today at (631) 517-0021!