4K Resolution Example

4k resolution

Click for a full size 4K Example – A far cry from a cell phone selfie!

4K Resolution is the exciting new buzzword heading into the black friday holiday shopping craze in the United States for 2014.  Many physical and online retailers already carry and tout the latest 4K displays in stock, but without actually seeing what 4K can do with your naked eye it’s hard to describe… especially on the internet.

What is 4K Resolution?

To understand what 4K Resolution is, you must first understand what “Resolution” means.  If you’ve ever walked up close enough to a flat screen television or computer monitor, you may have noticed that the image you see is comprised of a large grid of squares.  The individual squares that make up the image on your screen are called “Pixels”, and the total number of pixels that are visible on screen equals the “Resolution” of the image.

Now that we know roughly what “Resolution” means, let’s have a look at different television resolutions throughout the past few decades:

  • “Standard Def” 480p – 640×480
  • “High Definition” 720p – 1280×720
  • “Full High Definition” 1080p – 1920×1080
  • “2K Resolution” 2K – 2048×1080
  • “4K Resolution” 4K – 4096×2160

As you can see, the number of pixels present at 4K resolution is staggering… especially when compared to the Standard Definition memories of our childhood.  The 4k resolution image pixel density is so packed that standing inches away from a 60″ television screen is not enough to degrade the smooth, continuous image quality.

Sitting an appropriate distance from a 4K display, users will be pleased to see It is virtually impossible to detect the individual pixels in their images.  Immersion in television programs, feature films and video games will be higher than ever before!

another 4k example

Who is 4K Resolution for?

4K Resolution is a way to “future proof” yourself from being left out of the next wave of home entertainment.  YouTube has already begun to stream content in 4K resolution.  Sony’s PlayStation 4 game console will soon allow for game play at 4K resolution and movie streaming.  Netflix, the #1 streaming service in the world and responsible for a sizable portion of web traffic during peak hours, has plans to bring it’s original series “House of Cards” to the platform in 4K Resolution (the native resolution of the series).

In short, anyone who is interested in using their television sets for shows, movies and games should be greatly interested by what 4K Resolution adds to their experience!

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