5 Practices for a Secure Mobile App Development

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Before hiring a mobile development team and beginning the development process, it is important not to overlook the security of your future application. If you are developing an app that relies on confidential data, then we recommend you consider these 5 practices to ensure optimum security.


1. Secure authentication

If you want to design an authentication system, then be well aware of two mobile device features: episodic sessions and inconvenient way to type text. A thorough analysis of all probable liabilities should be done in order to strike a balance between usability and security. A challenging series of symbols can reduce user satisfaction and possibly their interest in the company.

2. Strong passwords

Along with limiting the chances of a hacker’s access, passwords also increase the strength of encryption. You might be aware that the strength of encryption is influenced by the strength of the key, which is often protected with the help of algorithms that utilize a user’s input data.

3. Password strength checkers

Users tend to choose weak yet convenient and fast to type passwords rather than tolerate the turmoil of entering secure passwords each time to unlock their device. Therefore if security is one of the major priorities for your project, don’t trust users and consider implementing a password strength checker.

4. Data protection

Figure out what data will be necessary to store. In this case, less is more protection. Maintain the encryption and make sure the  encryption key is entered each time by the user, or at least isn’t stored on the device.


5. Data encryption

The word “encryption” is often misconstrued as a synonym for securing solutions. However, the amount of stolen credit card numbers is growing exponentially. The greater question is how it can be  implemented it properly.

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