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Can Network Setup Help Connection And Wifi Speed?

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Make Sure You Have a Good Network For Your Small Business.

There are many different ways to increase your wifi speed and one of those ways is to do a home wireless network setup. Once you have a network, you can either connect to it using a cable or you can choose to use the wifi router. Both of these will do similar things, but in a very different way. Most people know what wifi is, but for the sake of the article we will briefly go over it. Wifi is the internet, without having to connect to cords or cables. You can connect your device using radio wireless connections that transmit from the network, to the device, making you able to use it wherever you are in range of the network. A wired connection is where you are able to take several devices and connect to one network using a cable and usually, but not always, a router. If you want to have internet in your home and set up wifi, you will need a home network setup service done. Next, we will go over how to set up a home network, and ask, what is your home network setup?

Home Network Setup

So you want to set up a home network. Most homes run off of a network and use wifi to be able to do things like stream tv shows and play on the phone without using up all your phones data. A home network setup can be done by yourself, but if you are not familiar with all of the lingo and connection devices, it can be much easier to just have a professional do it for you. There are many benefits to doing a home network setup, like having a home business or many people in your home that are required to use the internet on a daily basis. Whether you choose a wired network or wireless, they both will allow you to do things like print, share files, and send emails. A wired connection is usually faster that wireless because the internet is going straight through the cable system. With wireless, it can also be easier for hackers or things like that, to get in and get into your network. If you are sitting at a desk all day and just need the service for your computer, than a wired connection is the best route to go. The most practical and widely used today is a wifi connection. If you are looking to establish a server for your computer, a linux home network setup can be sued and is typically free.

What Causes Slow Network Speeds

There are a lot of different ways that your network can become slowed down. One of the biggest ways is dependant on where you are. If your network is slow and you are in your work office, it is likely because there are so many people on it at once and they may all be doing something that requires a lot of power or attention. This also means that your internet is not fast enough for the amount of people and things that you have running. One thing that you can do to help this is to get a faster internet. Another way is to have everyone plugged into wired connections instead of wifi connections. You could also have a virus of some sort and need to get that taken care of right away.

How Do I Speed Up My Network?

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You Will Need a Good Home Network If You Work From Home.

There is almost nothing more frustrating than slow internet when you have something that needs to be done, especially if you work from home or go to school online. Making sure that your network is running like it should is a great first step to not getting the obnoxious spinning loading circle in your face constantly. Here are some great ways to speed up your internet and get you back up and running in no time at all.

Signal Booster Installation – Boosting your signal in your home will help those dead spots that never get service even though you are smack in the middle of your kitchen (we’ve all been in that house). When you get this booster, it will pull a signal right to you so that you can speed up the internet and not have any troubles with your phone line as well.

Set Up Your LAN – How do I set up a LAN at home? This is not a problem and can be done by a professional so that you don’t have to worry about making any changes or causing any problems to your homes network.

Plug-In – If you have been struggling on your wifi connection, try a wired home network setup. This will allow the internet to come straight into your device with no problem and it will help you make it much faster.

Router – Make sure that if you have a home business and need your internet to stay strong, that you invest in a good router. This is so important and will make a huge difference.

Benefits Of Using a Professional For Network Installation

Home network setup for wireless routers, wired connection, and any other network systems you may need, are better done by a professional. They will be able to take all of the stress off your plate and get you up and running in no time at all. If you need a professional, TotalTech Repair is here for you to help you in any way we can. Just call (631) 517-0021 and we can set up your network in , NY, right away.

  • General understanding of the machines, terminology, and overall network setup.
  • Our technicians know all the latest trends and always keep up with the growing technology so that you get the best.
  • Peace of mind is worth everything and that is exactly what you get with professional installation. Knowing it is done right and that you are backed by a company that cares makes all the difference in the world.
  • When something goes wrong you will have someone to call because they are the ones who installed it.

What Does A Computer Technician Do?

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It Can Be Frustrating When Your Computer Is In Need Of Repair.

When your car needs repair, you look for a respected nearby auto repair shop to handle them for you. Why would you do any less with your computer? When your computer is in need of help, that’s where our computer technicians come in. We handle all of your computer repair and service needs. Sometimes an old desktop can wear down with age, becoming less and less effective. Our technicians work hard to get your PC or laptop back to its best. We even offer set up services. For many people, when they need service it is because their computer has obtained a virus which has corrupted the data on the system. When this happens, we are happy to help!

Why Is Virus Protection Necessary?

You may wonder if having a virus protection software is really needed with modern computers. It is always a good idea to have an anti-virus. These programs are super helpful, acting as the bouncer to your computer and preventing viruses and attacks from getting at your computer and personal data. They consistently scan in the background and work hard to keep your computer at its best. How can you decide on virus protection software? While the temptation is to choose the same antivirus software as everyone else, such as McAfee or Norton Antivirus, it is a good idea to shop around to see what meets your needs. Some things to consider while looking for software are:

  • Does it have a good malware detection rate?
  • Will it put a lot of strain on your older PC?
  • Is it easy to use and navigate?
  • Will it scan my emails for potentially sent malware?

While these are just of the things you should consider, there are still many options and factors that you should look into. Really do your research on any software you put on your pc before installing. Have questions about what virus protection you should be looking for? We are always available to assist you with virus software! Give us a call today at __PHONE__.


Home Network Security Threats – and How to Avoid Them

Network Security Threats

Carefully Examine the Source of Your Emails and Any Suspicious Looking Attachments.

Not all network security threats are targeted towards your office. In fact, your home is at risk of a number of major network hazards. Luckily, many of these are documented and there is a wealth of information on how to avoid them. Today, we’ll talk about three top network security threats and learn how to protect your home.

What are the Common Threats to Network Security?

There are numerous network threats out there on the web. Some take a subtle approach by disguising themselves as reputable software. Others utilize a more bombastic approach and try to scare you into giving away information. Three of the most common threats are phishing, spoofing, and Trojan horses. Any of these network hazards can be used to transfer malware onto your home computer and wreck havoc. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Phishing – an aggressor tries to convince you to download a file or an attachment via email or another similar platform. Once downloaded, the perpetrator can install malware and potentially turn your computer into a controllable “bot”. Phishing can also be carried out over the phone by scammers asking for information.
  2. Spoofing – a perpetrator disguises themselves as a legitimate website. There they convince victims to download malware files or give away information.
  3. Trojan Horse – embedded in (what is or appears to be) legitimate software, Trojan horses open a foothold for hackers to gain access to your information and steal data.

How Do I Avoid These Threats?

Every security system depends on smart user habits; your home is no exception. When it comes to protecting yourself against malware, make sure your network is guarded with a capable firewall product. Make sure to purchase your security through reputable sites, however, as fake sites have tricked many homeowners into buying fake network security (loaded with malware). These often provide seemingly normal programs that have a Trojan horse embedded in the file. Defeating malware post-infection can be incredibly difficult and time consuming, as many have discovered with the recent VPNFilter malware crisis.

When it comes to phishing, it’s best to lean towards being overly cautious. Not every email from your grandmother is a phishing scam, but it only takes one mistake. When examining emails, ask yourself these questions…

  • Would Grammy really send me an attachment with this unusual program name?
  • Does my service provider usually ask for this sort of personal information via email?
  • Is the tone of the email trying to scare me?
  • Is this email worth the risk?

Spoofing can be harder to detect, but careful examination is usually enough to spot differences between the fake site and the real deal. Bookmark your favorite websites. If you’re Googling a website, make sure the URL looks authentic before you visit the site.

Professional Home Network Security Setup

If you feel like you’re in over your head, that’s okay. Many homeowners feel that way when it comes to facing these network security threats. We’d love to help you protect your network; our TotalTech Repair team offers professional Huntington Station, NY security setup for your personal or home-office computer. If you’d like to learn about how we protect local homeowners, give us a call at __PHONE__.

Benefits of a Home Theater System

A lot of newer houses come built with an extra room for a home theater system should homeowners wish to install one. As home theaters continue to rise in popularity, so much so that they are becoming pre-designed in homes, here are some benefits of why they are so beloved.

Privacy and Control

No more crying kids or people on their cell phones in the movie theater disturbing you! With your own home theater system, you control the setting. Pause the movie for a bathroom break and never have a miss a scene like you would in public theaters. Lay on all the chairs because you can- you bought them!

A Home Theater System Is A Great Way to Save Money On Movie Theater Fees!


A home theater system also makes for a great game room. Hook up your XBox or Playstation and feel like you’re really in the game with the giant screen and dark room encompassing you! Imagine it with virtual reality games!

Boosts Property Value

Should you ever choose to sell your home, having a fully installed home theater is a huge bonus that will attract homebuyers. Who doesn’t want their own movie theater?

Saves Money

Instead of having to pay $12 per ticket for a night out at the movies, and not even adding in the cost of food, you could quickly be paying $30 for a 2 hour movie. With a home theater, you could rent a recently released movie for $5, microwave some popcorn, get a can of soda, and watch in the comfort of your own home all for less than $15.

Gathering Space

Home theaters are great for hosting get-togethers, parties, or family nights. If you have kids and they have friends over, this is a great hangout space.

If you are interested in getting a home theater system installed in your Huntington Station, NY home, call TotalTech Repair at (631) 517-0021 today.

Benefits of Professional Home Computer Repair Service

Although computers have been around for a long time, that doesn’t mean they are the easiest things to fix. If you haven’t fixed a computer before and your computer needs repairs, it might be your best bet to hire a professional for home computer repair service. There are many advantages to this, with examples listed below.

Saves Money

Benefits of Professional Home Computer Repair Service

Home Computer Repair Service Has Many Benefits.

Hypothetically, if you were to cause more damage to your computer trying to fix it, you may have to replace parts or the whole computer. A computer technician will know exactly what is wrong with the computer and be able to repair it without you having to spend an arm and a leg on a new computer.

Time Saver

Because a computer technician has probably repaired a computer hundreds of times, they are able to diagnose and repair the computer quickly. If you do it yourself, it may take longer, hence why hiring a professional is essential.

Less Worry

Trying to fix a computer on your own when you don’t have the training or experience can make you worry if you are causing more damage to the computer. Knowing that you have a professional working on it will give you more peace of mind.

Backs Up Data

When you are taking on home computer repair service on your own, there is the possibility that you could lose important data. From documents to pictures, a computer technician can retrieve them if something were to go wrong.

If you want computer repair in Long Island, NY, call TotalTech Repair now at (631) 517-0021.

Unwanted Company: Avoiding Computer Malware

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Follow These Safety Tips to Reduce the Chance of Your Computer Contracting Malware.

Are you worried that your computer might become infected with malware? There are many types of harmful tools that hackers use to interact with your computer. Follow these safety guidelines, and you’ll greatly reduce your chances of contracting computer malware.

Tip #1: Only Download Trusted Applications

One of the most common ways of inserting spyware or ransomware onto a computer system is creating an baited application that looks like a popular legitimate tool. When downloading tools, games, or programs for your laptop or home computer, make sure you check for certifications. Avoid strange looking file names and be very hesitant to download programs from sites you aren’t familiar with. A capable protection software tool will usually point out suspicious websites and programs, but you still need to watch what you download.

Tip #2: Be Suspicious of Your Email

When you’re looking through dozens of emails everyday, it’s easy for important details to escape our notice. That’s what hacking professionals count on. A clever hacker can create a harmless looking email asking for credentials or financial information. They might have a file for you to download.

Be suspicious of unexpected emails, especially those that ask for your information. These “phishing” attacks are stealing millions of dollars worth of data every year, and leave your computer exposed to additional malware.

Tip #3: Do a Little Reading

There are tech companies entirely dedicated to researching and exposing the latest malware techniques across the globe. Many of these tech groups are happy to share news on how businesses and private citizens can avoid these malware attacks. You can arm yourself against malware by reading up on the latest security trends at least once a year.

If you suspect your laptop or home system has been exposed to computer malware, or if you’d simply like to learn more about computer security, you can talk with one of our specialists at TotalTech Repair. Give us a call at __PHONE__.


Why You Need Home Network Security

Home Network Security

A Hacker Can Steal Personal Information Through the Infiltration of Your Network.

Most of us rely heavily on our home internet network. Our computers, tablets, smartphones, and a host of other devices all operate thanks to the signal emitted by your home router. As technology has improved, routers have acquired the ability to broadcast wider and wider signals. While this has the obvious benefit of improved connectivity around your home, it also allows more people to see your network. Since you cannot trust the intentions of everyone in your home network’s radius, you should entrust your home network security to the team at TotalTech Repair.

Reasons for Home Network Security

A couple of reasons provide the rationale for improved network security in your home. Generally speaking, you want to protect your network from infiltration by those who will abuse its connection.

Personal Security: Someone who uses your network without permission represents a serious breach of personal security. An intruder can steal your personal information, and also use your IP address. This becomes highly problematic, as a hacker could use your network to download illegal materials and commit other crimes, all while associated with your IP.

Network Performance: You pay your internet provider each month for a certain amount of bandwidth. This bandwidth provides for all your online activities, from download to streams on your television. If this bandwidth becomes exceeded, you will experience less performance and, perhaps, the inability to enjoy certain functions. Unapproved users drain your bandwidth with their own activity, and take advantage of the service that’s rightfully yours alone.


At TotalTech Repair, we can provide for total security of your network. We will make sure that you are password protected, and create a password that’s virtually impossible to guess or hack. We can also hide your network name to prevent its appearance to unauthorized users, and change any default administration passwords on your router. To request our services or learn more about home network security in , NY, give us a call today at __PHONE__.

Our Residential Computer Services

Do you have a computer that you use frequently at home for school, business, or fun? If you have any computer that connects to the internet, there is going to be the chance for viruses and other problems to present themselves. Our residential computer services are designed to repair damaged computers, as well as protect them from additional damages in the future. Today we will go over the basics you need to know about our service.

Computer Repair


Do You Need Help With A Home Computer?

If you have a computer at home that has slowed down, or that you feel is no longer secure, our team is here to help you out. We are able to safely remove any viruses or malware from the system, as well as troubleshoot for setup issues. Everything we do is designed to help you computer run more smoothly. If any physical components of the computer are broken, we can also assist you with that, and replace broken screens, hard drives and more.

Computer Setup/Protection

If you recently bought a new computer, and you need help setting it up, be sure to give us a call! We can walk you through the setup process, help you install your preferred OS, and an antivirus service. If needed, we can also show you how to use the new machine, and how to connect to compatible devices in your home.

To learn more, or to get started, give our team of experts a call today at (631) 517-0021!


Getting to Know a Universal Remote

Do you constantly have to switch between multiple remotes when you want to use your TV system? Does the idea of a complex-looking universal remote scare you a little? Universal remotes are not that different from your current remotes; they just do more. They are capable of handling most of your devices, and once you find the right approach to learning how to use one, you may never go back.

Finding the Right Universal Remote

Person Holding Universal Remote

Getting to Know a Universal Remote

First, you need to find the right remote for you. They are not all exactly the same, and you might find that there are some easier for you to use than others. In addition to learning how to use it, you will have to program it to do what you need. This is what many people find scary about universal remotes.


There are such things as pre-programmed universal remotes. These are made to work with several devices. The key is knowing that you have the corresponding devices with which your remote will work. All you have to do is set up the programming mode and then enter the right device code. This may work for people who have a limited number of brand-name devices.

Using a Remote

Using a universal remote doesn’t have to be as scary as you might think. They come with manuals to help you program each device, and more information online. Once you’re devices are programmed, using is easy. Just think of the remote as a single remote with a “switch.” With the press of a button, you switch to another device, then continue using the remote as you would with any other device.

You don’t have to tackle your universal remote alone. Call Total Tech Repair at (631)517-0021, and we’ll help you get to know a universal remote in Huntington Station, NY.

Reasons Computer Maintenance Is Really Important

Reasons Computer Maintenance Is Really Important

There Are Many Reasons Computer Maintenance Is Really Important.

If you own a laptop or desktop computer, you know how frustrating it can be when it’s too slow. While there can be many causes for this, like the slow internet, one of the reasons your computer might not be working like it should is because of lack of maintenance. Computer maintenance is essential to keeping your laptop or desktop computer in great shape. For specific instances, keep reading to learn the reasons computer maintenance is really important.

Better Efficiency

By keeping your computer in great shape with maintenance, it can extend the life of the computer. Computers slow down when they reach a certain point, but sticking with maintenance can help it run more efficiently.

Expose Issues

One of the great things about maintenance for your computer is that you can identify any issues before they become too severe. When your computer isn’t maintained, it can run into problems that will need to be addressed; when problems aren’t addressed there can be consequences.

Avoid Viruses

Software to keep computer viruses at bay is key to a better functioning computer. However, we must update our computer antivirus software in order to avoid viruses. Maintenance of your computer can ensure you keep your software up to date.

Faster Computer

All in all, computer maintenance can help keep your computer running quickly. We all hate slow computers and with timely maintenance, you can guarantee that your computer is running at a very high rate.

If you need home computer repair and other services in Long Island, NY, call Total Tech Repair today at (631) 517-0021 to schedule an appointment.