Keep Your Electronics Free Of Dust!

Dust build up in Long Island, NY will cause electronics to overheat. Any complex home entertainment systems or electronics, like a computer, gaming console, stereo or dvd players needs a regular check-up for dust to avoid overheating complications. Once your electronic overheats it’ll begin to run very slowly or worse – shut down completely!

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Carpets & Pets

Carpets are the breeding grounds of dusts, and your electronics worst enemy. If your electronics are stationary in carpeted homes, with pets or in smoking areas, you’ll need do a regular check for dust build up – weekly, is optimal. Keeping your carpet clean is one way to prolong the life of your electronics. Another is to keep them off them floor. Simply elevating your console onto a book, or a raised surface like a small table is a great way to keep them out of contact with dusty carpets. Pet hair, even on hard floored areas, will land and get trapped inside your consoles, just as regular dust would.

Dust buildup in Long Island, NY

Keep your electronic components cleaned and free of dust, and you’ll see them last for longer.


Smoking will also create a sort of blanket around components inside your electronics. The tar from cigarette smoke creates dust build up inside your electronic systems, acting like glue for dust and hair particles. Regular cleaning will help you cut down on this.

Canned Air is Your Best Friend

You can buy canned air for electronic cleaning. Canned air safely blows away dust and contaminate particles without further poisoning your electronics with chemicals. However, some other household items will definitely get the job done if you’re in a dusty bind. Cotton swabs
dry toothbrushes (you don’t have to use your personal toothbrush!).

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Different types of Computer Memory and Usages

Hard Drive Computer Memory

Your hard drive computer memory is a disk which stores everything that makes your computer valuable to you. This is where all the pictures get uploaded to, where all of the programs and software is held and crucial system data is written and stored here as well. If your hard drive crashes your computer becomes a paperweight until it’s replaced. Have one of our specialists advise you on proper computer care and help keep your hard drive out of danger. Hard drives and most other memory units come in gigabyte and terabyte sizes, like 20GB, 250GB and 1TB or 5TB.

The Cloud

Computer Memory in Long Island, NY

RAM & hard drives make up your overall computer memory.

Cloud-based storage systems act like this in that they allow you to access your bits and pieces anywhere that has internet access for you, rather than just at home. You are required to sign in or log in and all of your information will be right where you left it, in the cloud. You then have the option to DOWNLOAD your items, meaning they’re saved to the hard drive of whichever device you want. This is normally a subscriptional service or a free service with a memory limit.

RAM or Random Access Memory

RAM acts kind of like a computer manager, choosing which programs and softwares to prioritize. This way, your computer memory optimizes power and energy on just the things you’re using, allowing programs to work quickly and effectively. Without it, your computer would still work, but it would be sluggish and probably extremely frustrating. If you start to experience an odd slowing of program or software on your computer it could be your RAM needing replacement or upgrading. RAM doesn’t need to have nearly the amount of space of hard drives since it’s holding information temporarily. A good RAM is normally about 2-8 GBs. Speak with one of our reps to troubleshoot and upgrade your RAM in Long Island, NY today. 

5 Practices for a Secure Mobile App Development

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Before hiring a mobile development team and beginning the development process, it is important not to overlook the security of your future application. If you are developing an app that relies on confidential data, then we recommend you consider these 5 practices to ensure optimum security.


1. Secure authentication

If you want to design an authentication system, then be well aware of two mobile device features: episodic sessions and inconvenient way to type text. A thorough analysis of all probable liabilities should be done in order to strike a balance between usability and security. A challenging series of symbols can reduce user satisfaction and possibly their interest in the company.

2. Strong passwords

Along with limiting the chances of a hacker’s access, passwords also increase the strength of encryption. You might be aware that the strength of encryption is influenced by the strength of the key, which is often protected with the help of algorithms that utilize a user’s input data.

3. Password strength checkers

Users tend to choose weak yet convenient and fast to type passwords rather than tolerate the turmoil of entering secure passwords each time to unlock their device. Therefore if security is one of the major priorities for your project, don’t trust users and consider implementing a password strength checker.

4. Data protection

Figure out what data will be necessary to store. In this case, less is more protection. Maintain the encryption and make sure the  encryption key is entered each time by the user, or at least isn’t stored on the device.


5. Data encryption

The word “encryption” is often misconstrued as a synonym for securing solutions. However, the amount of stolen credit card numbers is growing exponentially. The greater question is how it can be  implemented it properly.

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Tips for Designing Your Home Theater

Creating an immersive entertainment experience in your own home isn’t difficult, but there are many details to keep in mind. Follow these tips for designing your home theater to get the best experience possible!

The Room

Home Theater Room

Enjoy your Favorite Movies in Style with the Perfect Home Theater Setup

An ideal home theater space is a windowless, rectangular room. Because of the way that sound travels, it is best to place your screen and primary speakers on a short wall so the sound travels better. You don’t need sound absorption panels unless you are working with concrete walls and flooring. Otherwise, drywall and carpet will work just fine. You should also paint the walls a dark, neutral color for the best picture.

The Equipment

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose various speaker systems, screen types, and more. Think about these choices when designing your home theater. Do you want a large HDTV or projector? Where will the speakers be located? How many seats will you have? To get the best sound and picture experience, it is essential that the speakers, screen, and seats are at the proper distances from each other. If you don’t want to deal with trial and error, call a professional home theater installer for the perfect setup.

The Extras

No home theater experience is complete without snacks and other extra features! Whether you add a popcorn machine and soda fountain or keep it simple with a mini fridge, be sure to stock your theater with your favorite snacks and beverages. Other fun features might include comfortable reclining chairs, themed decor, and more.

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3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Charging Cables

Are you tired of your phone’s charging cables consistently failing on you? Particularly, the iPhone’s infamous cables? We’ve all experienced it, the blinking charging icon, the low battery warning after 2 hours on the charger, and of course, the mind-numbing frustration that accompanies the failure of your phone’s life support. We’ve put together 3 tips to help you extend the life of your charging cables!

protect phone charging cables

Struggling with your charging cables?

Be Nice

The best way to protect your charging cable is to be gentle with it! Yanking it out of the wall, and pulling by the wire instead of the connector head are both easy ways to damage the delicate wires within your charger. When traveling with your cable, coil it properly and pack it in a way that prevents any pulling or tangling that may cause pulling on the wires. Be sure to avoid putting tension on your charging cable as well. Your phone isn’t really meant to be used while it is charging, so let it charge undisturbed when you have the opportunity, so as to avoid pulling or damaging the cord!


Use Protection

We live busy lives; we don’t always have time to be nice to our cables! So how do we protect our cables, that seem designed to break on purpose, in our fast paced lifestyles? Internet users from all around have come up with ideas for reinforcing charging cables, so here are a couple. The cleanest and quickest DIY we’ve seen is the spring idea. Remove the spring from an old click pen, (such as those classic Pilot gel pens), and wrap it around the cable. then push it up to the connector head, to protect the area where the wire meets the connector. Other DIY enthusiasts have started weaving para-cord or crafting string over the entire cable, making for a fashion statement as well as a protection method.


Invest in Yourself

Now, this next method comes down to your wallet. If you are constantly replacing gas-station-kiosk charging cables, it may be time to invest in a higher quality cable. A quality cable will feature metal connector heads that can withstand being stepped on or caught in a car door, along with a woven fabric or plastic sleeve that covers the length of the wire. While these charges may set you back around $30, they might actually last you the lifespan of your phone, so in the long run, is it really more expensive? Probably not!


Turn To The TotalTech Experts

If you get a new cable, but your phone still isn’t charging, it might not be the cable. Come see the guys at TotalTech Repair in Long Island, NY, for all of your phone and tablet repair needs! We even offer training services, so you can get the most out of your devices. Call us today at (631) 517-0021!

“Spring Cleaning” Apps for Your Phone

Eventually all the browsing, image sharing, texting, and gaming will start to bog down your phone and decrease performance. You could go through and delete a few apps here and there and scroll through your images to remove all of the blurry selfies, but does it make a dent in the data built up in your phone’s storage? Here are a couple apps that help you find the culprits taking over your phone:

Clean Master


Clean Master is one of the top apps for cleaning up Android devices with over 500 million downloads and a 4.7 overall rating. The app is easy to use and makes it simple to clear space on your phone.

This app allows you to:

  • See storage space and RAM usage stats at a glance
  • Clear out unnecessary junk files with a click of a button
  • Boost your phone by shutting down memory draining apps you aren’t using
  • Use the App Manager to determine which apps to keep based on how often you use them and quickly sort apps to see which ones are taking up the most storage space.

Clean Master even comes with built in antivirus that allows you to scan apps and files for any unwanted infected files and remove them from your device.



CCleaner is another top app for removing junk from your phone. It started out as a popular desktop application and just recently launched as a mobile app so you can keep all of your devices clean.

The app allows you to:

  • Analyze your device to find files eating away at your storage and RAM limits
  • Determine what’s taking up the most space in your phone (Apps, Video, Images, etc)
  • Use the App Manager to uninstall or disable apps you don’t use anymore

The app has a simple and straightforward design making it easy to get in and clean up your phone fast. The Pro version lets you schedule phone cleaning so you can set it and forget, keeping your phone junk free without having to worry about it.

If you’re phone or tablet is giving you trouble and using an app to clear up space just isn’t cutting it, Total Tech Repair can help you get your devices back on track. If you need computer or phone repair services in the Long Island, NY area, give us a call today at (631) 517-0021.

Smartphone Cases: 4 of the Best Smartphone Cases

The best way to ensure your phone stays completely damage free is to choose a smartphone case. There are many phone cases out there ranging from artsy, cute, and functional. If you are tough on your phone, your best bet is a case that will keep your phone intact. Here are three of the best smartphone cases.

Smartphone Cases: 4 of the Best Smartphone Cases

Otterbox Smartphone Case

This is considered one of the best smartphone cases out there. Features include a built-in screen protector, polycarbonate shell, and button covers make it easy to use. These tend to run at $40 or higher.

Speck Smartphone Case

These are really popular phone cases. They are light-weight but are very durable. Speck offers a one year warranty which is really incredible for smartphone users. These run at $40 or higher.

Lifeproof Smartphone Case

Lifeproof cases are incredible smartphone cases if you are in an environment where your phone needs superior protection, like going to the lake or skiing. It can be submerged in up to 6 feet of water. Because the phone is indestructible, the phone case runs at around $90.

Ballistic Smartphone Case

This phone case can survive a drop from about 7 feet! If you are someone who likes to replace their screen protector more than once, this case comes with an extra one!

If your smartphone case didn’t prevent cracks or damage, call (631) 517-0021 the professionals at TotalTech Repair! We have been servicing phones and computers in Long Island, NY since 2005 and will be able to help you with any problem you might have.


3 Computer Maintenance Tips

Whether you’ve had your computer for awhile or it’s relatively new, maintenance both inside and out is still important! It can help your computer last longer and running smoothly. We’ve compiled a list of computer maintenance tips to help keep your computer in its best shape!

computer maintenance


Dust likes to settle in those tiny crevasses between keys on the keyboard. You may also notice a buildup on the outside of your computer. A can of compressed air will take care of any dust in hard-to-reach areas. As for the rest of the computer, wipe the screen with a screen-friendly cleaner and lenscloth to keep your hardware looking good.


It’s a good idea to go through the files on your computer and delete any that are no longer useful to you. Deleting old school assignments and programs you no longer need or use will free up space on your computer and help it run faster. Something else you can do for all the important files you don’t want to lose is to back up your computer! You can either buy an external hard drive or back it up to a cloud-based server. This way, if you lose any of your files or your computer crashes, you’ll have a backup elsewhere.


Don’t forget about that anti-virus software! If you haven’t invested in your computer’s safety already, now would be a good time. You can save money and hassle by buying software that protects your computer against viruses, malware, pop-ups and more!

If  you need any input for computer maintenance, don’t hesitate to call our experts at (631) 517-0021 today!

How to Choose Your Next Smartphone

When shopping for a new phone, do you know what features to look for? Depending on what you plan on using the phone for, there a few things you should keep in mind while researching which smartphone is best for your needs.


Do you play a lot of games?
Many people have begun using their phone as an alternative to popular handheld video game devices. If you like to play games on your phone, you might want a phone with a larger screen size for better gaming.

If you’re not really into gaming and want a phone that is comfortable enough to use with one hand, look for a screen size around 5 inches or less.

Is your phone full of selfies?
Phone companies today are very competitive when it comes to camera quality and who has the best camera changes constantly. If you are looking for a phone with a top quality camera, look for a smartphone that has a wide aperture and a high number in pixel size.

If you love taking pictures, you’ll want a phone with plenty of storage as well. Games are increasingly taking up more space in storage so it’s best to go with a phone with a minimum of 32GB storage.

Do you need a battery that lasts?
If you are always on the go, having a phone that constantly needs to sit on the charger is an inconvenience. Look for a phone with a 3,000 mAh battery or higher. These tend to last the longest even with lots of use. Newer phones come with fast charging capabilities as well, so when you do need to charge up your phone it won’t take hours for a full recharge.

Whether you need help setting up a new phone or you want to improve the phone you have, Total Tech Repair can assist you with getting your tech gadgets working properly. Call us today at (631) 517-0021 for more information on our tech support services.

How to Prevent Your Phone Screen from Breaking

At TotalTech Repair, we know cracking your phone screen is quite a hassle. If the crack is mild, it’s unsightly and makes reading on your phone difficult. If the crack is severe, you may be getting tiny pieces of glass in your finger and reading is impossible. Below are a few tips to preventing those cracked screens that will save you from having to shell out the money for a repair.

  1. Keep your phone in a case. We know many phones look sleek without any type of case on them, but going without one increases your phone’s chances of a damaging fall. Many types of phone cases are made with protection AND aesthetics in mind, so you don’t have to sacrifice the sleek look of your phone for its safety. There are many in-store and online options for phone cases with varying levels of protection.

    cracked screen

    Cracks can be unsightly and make using your phone next to impossible.

  2. Use a screen protector (if that case doesn’t come with one). Although some of the more heavy-duty phone cases come with screen protectors, some do not. There are several types of tempered glass screen protectors on the market for many different models and types of phones. At minimum, even if you can’t bring yourself to put your phone in a case, get a screen protector to keep your phone’s screen from cracking. You’ll thank us for the recommendation when your phone falls and the protector takes the force of the fall and cracks but your phone’s screen underneath is still in pristine condition!
  3. Make good habits of keeping your phone in safe places away from water and possible falls. Do you need to carry your phone in your hand while you’re also carrying an armful of groceries? Probably not. A lot of times you’ll probably find that you’re carrying your phone in your hand when it may not even be convenient. Getting in the habit of keeping your phone in a purse, bag or secure zippered jacket pocket will save you from the devastation of needing a screen repair later.

If you do suffer a crack in your phone screen for any brand or model, don’t hesitate to call the pros at (631) 517-0021 and we can repair it for you quickly!