Can I Set Up My Own Universal Remote?

Tv universal remote

What is a universal remote and why do I need a universal remote? 

How many times have you lost the remote control to your television, or any device with a remote control? They get shoved between the cushions, dropped, and kicked under the sofa, or accidentally thrown away. I have even found the TV remote in my pocket later in the day while at work! Sometimes they are lost forever though and that is why we are thankful to have the universal remote, setup can be done for the TV, cable box, even the stereo today. 

A universal remote can be the savior of your sanity! This is a handheld unit that when programmed and setup can control your television, cable box, surround sound, and other audio/video devices. A universal remote setup can work on any brand, even if the television is one brand and the surround sound is another brand. 

Why do you need a universal remote control? Well, we can’t really say you ‘NEED’ one, but imagine how much easier it would be to have all your audio and visual equipment operated with only one remote? A universal remote setup can do that for you. Gone are the days that you a ‘remote boat’ like Robert gave Frank for this 65th birthday. 

Do universal remotes work on any TV?

There are universal remote setup that is compatible with numerous devices, and there are even mobile apps you can use as a remote control until you buy a new one. Most universal remotes setup works with televisions, cable boxes, Blue-Ray and DVD players, and other peripherals including streaming devices and gaming units. 

Now, do all universal remotes setups work on all brands of these devices? No, you’ll need to read the packaging of the remote control to see what brands of devices are compatible to which universal remote setup. 

Can you program any remote to any TV? 

With a modern UNIVERSAL remote, setup with any television is probably possible. Once a universal remote setup is for a certain television, it will not work on the previous television the remote control setup was create for, UNLESS the two televisions are the same brand. 

A remote control setup with a brand name like LG, Samsung, Sony, etc., cannot be used as a universal remote, setup is only for the television that was paired with that remote control, thus why those are not considered “universal”. Another point to make is that not all new television will work with an older remote control. Usually every 10 years or so, the manufacturers change things, making that impossible. Don’t throw away your old remote until you know that for sure though! 

How do you program a universal remote control code?

Not everyone will know ow to setup a universal remote and luckily, you don’t have to because the universal remote manufacturers include the instructions to do that! It can seem like a long, tedious process, but over the last few years, they have made it easier and easier. The basic steps for universal remote setup will be something similar to this: 

  • Locate your television or other device Brand Code from a list that will be included with the Universal Remote Control. 
  • Press and hold the button for the DEVICE you’re setting up. 
  • When the LED light for that button lights up and stays on, keep holding it down. 
  • While holding that button, press the POWER button and hold it down.

How do you program a universal remote without a TV?

No, you need a television to know what codes to use for the universal remote setup process. A universal remote setup is possible with the television turned off, although it is recommended to have it turned on. 

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How do you program a One for All universal remote?

Depending on the brand you purchase, every universal remote setup could vary, but these are basic steps that most universal remotes will have, which will be based on what brand of devices you need the universal remote setup done. The package will have the universal remote setup steps, including a list of the device brands the remote supports. After finding the step-by-step instructions for your universal remote setup, follow the steps as indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions. 

What happens if you lose the instructions for the universal remote setup? Today, we have the internet and there isn’t anything you can’t find instructions on. If you don’t know the brand name of the universal remote, do a generic search. 

A universal remote setup isn’t going to be as complicated as you may think. Each and every year, manufacturers of remotes, televisions, DVD players, and other devices make this process a little bit easier. If you can’t find the info you need on the internet, find the manufacturer’s phone number or website, and ask for assistance. Need help with your universal remote setup in Long Island, NY? Call (631) 517-0021 today.