Different types of Computer Memory and Usages

Hard Drive Computer Memory

Your hard drive computer memory is a disk which stores everything that makes your computer valuable to you. This is where all the pictures get uploaded to, where all of the programs and software is held and crucial system data is written and stored here as well. If your hard drive crashes your computer becomes a paperweight until it’s replaced. Have one of our specialists advise you on proper computer care and help keep your hard drive out of danger. Hard drives and most other memory units come in gigabyte and terabyte sizes, like 20GB, 250GB and 1TB or 5TB.

The Cloud

Computer Memory in Long Island, NY

RAM & hard drives make up your overall computer memory.

Cloud-based storage systems act like this in that they allow you to access your bits and pieces anywhere that has internet access for you, rather than just at home. You are required to sign in or log in and all of your information will be right where you left it, in the cloud. You then have the option to DOWNLOAD your items, meaning they’re saved to the hard drive of whichever device you want. This is normally a subscriptional service or a free service with a memory limit.

RAM or Random Access Memory

RAM acts kind of like a computer manager, choosing which programs and softwares to prioritize. This way, your computer memory optimizes power and energy on just the things you’re using, allowing programs to work quickly and effectively. Without it, your computer would still work, but it would be sluggish and probably extremely frustrating. If you start to experience an odd slowing of program or software on your computer it could be your RAM needing replacement or upgrading. RAM doesn’t need to have nearly the amount of space of hard drives since it’s holding information temporarily. A good RAM is normally about 2-8 GBs. Speak with one of our reps to troubleshoot and upgrade your RAM in Long Island, NY today.