Computer Repair Services in Long Island

computer repair servicesFinding computer repair services for your residential or commercial site in Long Island is a snap thanks to Total Tech Repair!  Our technicians are trained professionals who have what it takes to get your computer back up and running as quickly as possible!

It does not matter if it’s a little annoying bug or outright system failure, Total Tech Repair will get to the root cause of the problem and take care of it!  Contact us right now for immediate assistance!

Computer Repair Services YOU can Trust

Total Tech Repair is available to take on all computer problems in the Long Island area!  Here’s a short list of the more common issues we hear about from clients:

  • Computer running too slow
  • Viruses or Spyware overrunning the system
  • Computer has too many advertisements
  • Cannot connect to the Internet
  • Overheating Problems
  • Frequent crashing while running games or other intense applications
  • Periodic freezing
  • Does not power on anymore

It is a  sad reality to face, but the Internet truly does expose a computer to a world of dangers for novice and experienced users alike.  Total Tech Repair is able to assist residential and commercial clients in making sure their PC or Network is shielded from danger!

Computer Repair Services for PC and Mac

computer repair servicesTotal Tech Repair is also capable of performing data recovery and repair work in Windows and Mac OS-based environments.  You can contact us regarding desktops, laptops, tablets, even smart phones!

If you have having trouble with anything that resembles a computer, regardless of the issue, make the right move – Pick up the phone and call Total Tech Repair and get the facts!

Computer Repair Services in Long Island

Total Tech Repair has been in business in Long Island since 2005.  Since then, we have grown into an operation that’s recognized for reliability and service!  Big box retailer’s computer repair services are oriented around tacking on high price margin accessories to already ridiculously high fees.  Total Tech Repair’s computer repair services are oriented around solving the problem and ensuring full customer satisfaction in the process!

Call or contact us NOW for computer repair services in Long Island!