Cracking the Case: Why Do Our Screens Still Break?

broken phone screenThe high speed and cutting edge technology widely available in our phones, tablets, and computers is astounding. But for all the great technology, we would think that the strength of our screens would match the capabilities of our devices. Cracked screens are the leading type of damage for today’s technology, and here we explore why.

As consumers demand larger, faster, and thinner devices, the advances in glass strengthening are offset. Thinner but wider frames absorb less shock when dropped, often leading to broken or shattered screens. Even more, we imagine smartphones should be sleek, and a device designed to be rugged enough to withstand being dropped won’t live up to how we imagine a smartphone or device should look or feel.

However, advances in durability and strength are being made. Most screens are made with glass – other materials, such as sapphire, that are stronger than glass are too expensive to be widely used. Many screens are now being reinforced with ion-strengthened glass, which replaces sodium ions with stronger potassium ions on the touch surface.

Replacing My Broken Screen

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