Keep Your Electronics Free Of Dust!

Dust build up in Long Island, NY will cause electronics to overheat. Any complex home entertainment systems or electronics, like a computer, gaming console, stereo or dvd players needs a regular check-up for dust to avoid overheating complications. Once your electronic overheats it’ll begin to run very slowly or worse – shut down completely!

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Carpets & Pets

Carpets are the breeding grounds of dusts, and your electronics worst enemy. If your electronics are stationary in carpeted homes, with pets or in smoking areas, you’ll need do a regular check for dust build up – weekly, is optimal. Keeping your carpet clean is one way to prolong the life of your electronics. Another is to keep them off them floor. Simply elevating your console onto a book, or a raised surface like a small table is a great way to keep them out of contact with dusty carpets. Pet hair, even on hard floored areas, will land and get trapped inside your consoles, just as regular dust would.

Dust buildup in Long Island, NY

Keep your electronic components cleaned and free of dust, and you’ll see them last for longer.


Smoking will also create a sort of blanket around components inside your electronics. The tar from cigarette smoke creates dust build up inside your electronic systems, acting like glue for dust and hair particles. Regular cleaning will help you cut down on this.

Canned Air is Your Best Friend

You can buy canned air for electronic cleaning. Canned air safely blows away dust and contaminate particles without further poisoning your electronics with chemicals. However, some other household items will definitely get the job done if you’re in a dusty bind. Cotton swabs
dry toothbrushes (you don’t have to use your personal toothbrush!).

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