Getting to Know a Universal Remote

Do you constantly have to switch between multiple remotes when you want to use your TV system? Does the idea of a complex-looking universal remote scare you a little? Universal remotes are not that different from your current remotes; they just do more. They are capable of handling most of your devices, and once you find the right approach to learning how to use one, you may never go back.

Finding the Right Universal Remote

Person Holding Universal Remote

Getting to Know a Universal Remote

First, you need to find the right remote for you. They are not all exactly the same, and you might find that there are some easier for you to use than others. In addition to learning how to use it, you will have to program it to do what you need. This is what many people find scary about universal remotes.


There are such things as pre-programmed universal remotes. These are made to work with several devices. The key is knowing that you have the corresponding devices with which your remote will work. All you have to do is set up the programming mode and then enter the right device code. This may work for people who have a limited number of brand-name devices.

Using a Remote

Using a universal remote doesn’t have to be as scary as you might think. They come with manuals to help you program each device, and more information online. Once you’re devices are programmed, using is easy. Just think of the remote as a single remote with a “switch.” With the press of a button, you switch to another device, then continue using the remote as you would with any other device.

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