How can I fix my laptop screen?

cracked laptop screen

When the laptop breaks

Desktop computers are all but obsolete today. Everyone has moved on to using laptops, Smartphones, iPad, and other mobile means of accessing the internet.  What about when something happens to these devices? The chance of dropping your desktop computer screen and cracking is highly unlikely, but a mobile device or laptop screen can get cracked easily. 

There are storefront repair places all over the place that can fix the screen on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. You may even be that person that buys the extended warranty to cover such things. Laptop screens though, they seem to be a different breed that layman don’t grasp. Is a laptop screen cracking the end of life for this valuable piece of equipment? 

Why is my laptop screen glitching?

Any type of computer problem can be a headache, and a flickering or glitching laptop screen is the worse. Your productivity is slowed down or if you’re watching your favorite show streaming, the cinema experience is dampened. Don’t even mention the headache you get from trying to work with a laptop screen can barely see! 

If your laptop screen is flickering, does this mean it is the end of life or weeks in the PC repair shop? Maybe not – read on for a few things that could be causing this problem that you may be able to fix yourself.

  • Incompatible App: Laptops are wonderful because you personalize yours, making it unique, which can often require downloading apps and programs. There are certain cases where the parameters and specs of these apps and programs are too much for your laptop screen to handle. Try deleting them one by one and see if that helps. When you find the one that stops the flickering, add them back one by one and make sure it wasn’t a combination or multiple ones causing the flickering.
  • Display Drivers Outdated: Do you toggle through those Windows software updates? Maybe you don’t have time to wait for it to update? Or do you constantly put your laptop to sleep instead of shutting down?  Those habits could be keeping your laptop screen from getting driver updates. If the internal devices of your laptop are malfunctioning, the display resolution suffers, the internet connect becomes glitch, and that laptop screen begins flickering. Make it a routine to turn your laptop off at least once a week so that it can get those much needed updates. 
  • Damaged or loose wires: The clamshell form of the laptop computer revolutionized the working world. Taking all your business with on the road, getting updates, sending out emails and processing orders while sitting at the airport or a coffee shop – wow! Unfortunately, it is that rigorous lifestyle that your laptop may take the toll. The bumping it around (even in the well-padded laptop case), carelessness when opening and closing it, the accidental drops or almost drop, they all can play havoc on the physical condition of the laptop. The wires that connect the laptop screen to the keyboard chassis can get damaged or come loose overtime, resulting in a laptop screen that flickers. 

Check this by closing and raising the screen repeatedly to see if there is flicking with movement. If you notice flickers at certain angles, then you probably have some internal wiring issues.  Take it to an authorized repair center and maybe they can fix it. 

Can a laptop screen be replaced?

Many times, yes, when your laptop screen goes bad, it is replaceable. A cracked or dying laptop screen doesn’t mean you have an overpriced paperweight. A new laptop screen can cost around $100, depending on the brand and model. A techy DIY person can do their own replacement or have a computer shop to it for around $300, which should include the cost of the screen.  Yes, you’re going to pay for their experience and knowledge – but you’ll also have a guarantee on the work. 

Is it worth fixing a laptop screen?

You know how HVAC professional have a formula that can help you determine whether repairing the unit one more time worthwhile?  There is that same type of formula for determining if your laptop screen is worthwhile. 

The general rule of thumb for the worthiness of a laptop screen or monitor repair, or any repair, is when it is more than 25% of the original  price you paid for the unit. cost. So, a $500 laptop purchase and two years later the laptop screen cracks, any quote over $125 is too much. 

Is it better to repair or replace a laptop?

If a laptop can be repaired for under 50% of what you paid for it originally and it is less than two years old – repair is the better option. Any laptop over three years old and a repair cost that is more than half of what you paid for the unit, decorate your new paper weight, and buy a new one.  Before you decorate it for a paperweight, the store where you buy your new one may offer some sort of trade-in just to keep the unit out of the landfill. 

laptop screen repaired

How many years should you keep a laptop?

If you’re asking me, a freelance writer, I say keep it till it goes toe up!  However, manufacturers typically recommend replacing it every three to five years because that’s when you’re going to get the latest and greatest. A consumer laptop usually last three to four years while commercial grade laptops last up to five years. That five year mark is usually the end of any extended warranty. When you need laptop service, reach out to the professionals at TotalTech Repair by calling (631) 517-0021.