How do I set up a new desktop computer?

desktop set up

What should I do first with a new computer?

Technology is a wonderful things these days. Until your computer screen goes blue. Oh no, the dreaded blue screen. If you’ve used computers very much at all in the past 20 years, you know what I’m talking about. When that blue screen appears, there isn’t much to do except buy a new computer. Then you have to deal with a new computer setup, and while it really isn’t that complicated, many people still struggle with the process. 

When you work for a company and have an office computer setup need, there is typically an IT team that does the computer setup for you. When you work for yourself, or you work remote for a company from your home, you usually have to do your own computer setup. Or the other option is to pay big money for a computer guru to come do it for you. In this article today, we’re going to answer some common questions about computer setup and share some computer setup ideas with you. 

No matter what brand of computer or what operating system it comes with, there are four essential things you need to do for your computer setup. These need to be completed before you start surfing the internet or playing game, and you don’t need to be a computer geek whiz either: 

  • Install an Anti-Malware Program: The last thing your new computer needs is malware infection. Installing an anti-malware program must be the first thing you do, because as soon as you connect to the internet, your computer is vulnerable. Chances are, your new computer has one installed already, but it will need updating. After your computer setup is complete, look in the settings and click on update the definitions, then follow instructions.  
  • Install Updates: Yes, for what you pay for a computer, you would think it comes all updated and ready to go, but nope, that isn’t how it works. Because companies like Microsoft release updates almost daily, the time your new computer was sitting on a shelf waiting for a new owner, there were updates being released. The update will likely have driver updates that you’ll need to install for any of your hardware to work, including the keyboard, mouse, speakers, or computer setup with tv, any type of peripherals. There are free driver update tools available that you can download that will get this all done for you automatically. No matter how you do it, your new computer setup will need to have these updates. 
  • File Recovery: This is critical when doing your computer setup, even though you haven’t even used your computer yet. Installing it now before you need it because if you install after you’ve accidently deleted files may not get them. 
  • Uninstall Programs: Confused? Read on for explanation. Computers come from the manufacturer with software loaded on them, and it is usually promo advertising and stuff that you’re not going to need or want. The more programs that are on your computer, along with the stuff your computer setup is downloading, the faster you’re going to run out of memory. You can remove them one by one through the control panel or use a free uninstaller tool. 

What do I need to set up my PC? and How do I connect my desktop?

Getting a new computer can be exciting, dreadful, but exciting all at the same time. It isn’t an exact science, but the computer setup is the most dreaded part. That is because you know that if you don’t do it right, or you skip something, you could experience some problems later. Here we offer step-by-step instructions the most efficient and safest way: 

1 – If this computer setup is an upgrade computer, copy the files you need or want on the new computer using an USB flash drive. When your new computer setup is complete, you can then copy those file onto the new unit. 

2 – Unpack your new computer, carefully removing the packaging then follow the manufacturer’s computer setup instructions. Most have a picture step-by-step guide in a fold-out poster style today. If this is a desktop PC, you’ll need to unpack the keyboard, monitor, and mouse to, connecting them as indicated on the fold-out poster. 

3- Turn the modem and router on and make sure the Internet is connected and on.  

4 – If your computer setup without Wi-Fi and going to be hardwired to the Internet, use an Ethernet cable to connect your PC to the router or modem if you aren’t using a router. 

5 – Turn the power on to your new PC and follow the initial Window setup prompts to complete your computer setup. 

6 -Follow the steps we provided above about installing anti-malware and anti-virus protection, uninstalling unwanted pre-loaded software, run the updates, and other items we mentioned for a new computer setup.         

What are the steps in starting a computer?

Computers are a part of everyone’s lives today, whether you want them to be or not, and computer setup can be daunting for many. Here are some general steps, along with the information we’ve mentioned here already, to get your new computer setup and going:

  • Locate the power button on the tower PC and press it. The computer will go into a boot up process and well tell the computer what to do when. 
  • The operating system will load during this process. Some computers will load faster than others. 
  • Login to the operating system if you have it set up with password protection. If you don’t, the computer will boot up into desktop.

At this point, your computer setup is done, and you should be ready to start surfing the internet, working on your term paper, or playing Candy Crush.  What if your computer doesn’t power on? Check all the cables are connected and all the plugs are securely plugged, and power strips are turned on. 

If your computer turns on, but isn’t doing anything, check that the monitor is connected to the tower and plugged into the electricity. If you still aren’t getting anything, you’ll need to get some experienced help from a family member, friend, or take to the store where you purchased it. 

If the operating system doesn’t load, that could be a corrupt operation system. This comes from a virus (this is why you need to download a virus protection immediately). It could also be a faulty driver or hardware failure.  Regardless the problem, it is going to need professional help to get your computer setup completed. 

Person enjoying desktop after set up

What is the best PC setup?

With COVID-19, many of us found ourselves working from home and unprepared for that task. Some companies had computers issued to employees and delivered to them, but this left you doing you own computer setup.  This includes the furniture as well as the technical stuff. We are going to provide a list of things you need to consider acquiring just in case this stay in place goes on longer.

  • A suitable desk and comfortable chair
  • Fast internet connection
  • Audio and video  equipment for those Zoom meetings
  • Fast and responsive hardware and peripherals

Working from home, there are three components that are important for most people: a CPU, RAM, and SSD. These are the backbone of a computer setup that is fast and responsive to make those deadlines. If your job is heavy in graphics, you need a good GPU too. 

Headphones and microphones, or headsets that have both, can get expensive. If this is coming out of your wallet, don’t go cheap just because its cheap, but you don’t have to take on a second mortgage either. 

Now that you have directions and instructions how to get your computer set up as well as how to setup a work from home station, you’ll be able to handle your own IT calls before you know it! Call (631) 517-0021 today for help with your desktop in Long Island, NY.