How long does screen repair take?

Close-up of a cracked screen.

Dealing With Screen Damage

Technology is wonderful, isn’t it?  With the 2020 Quarantine, many of us ended up working from home with a laptop, and if you have kids, that could be creating a setting for a screen to be damaged. Heck, even without kids, laptop screens get damaged, but does that mean you need a new laptop? Or is screen repair possible? 

Can you repair screen scratches?

Having that annoying scratch on a computer screen or television screen is one of the worst things – especially if you’re on your computer all day. If you’re working or playing games, a computer screen scratch can cause you to hit the wrong key. It can distort what you’re seeing, like having that scratch on your new sunglasses. 

Here are few tips to do your own screen repair on any computer screens, laptop screens, flat television screens, DLP screensLCD monitorsLED Screens, even plasma screens, and more.

  1. Wipe the scratched screen with a clean microfiber cloth or cotton ball. 
  2. Put a dab of hand lotion or petroleum jelly on the cotton ball or your finger.
  3. With a gentle push, rub the hand lotion or petroleum jelly into the scratch.
  4. Keep applying small amounts until the scratch is filled in. 
  5. Let the petroleum jelly or hand lotion sit for a few minutes in the screen scratch.
  6. After a 3 to 5 minutes, use a clean microfiber cloth and wipe away the hand lotion or petroleum jelly very gently.
  7. Note: Too much pressure will remove it all and you need to leave some in the scratch. 
  8. Repeat this process as much as needed until the scratch is gone. 

This works on minor scratches – big deep scratches or cracks, you’ll need to take your item in for professional assessment if screen repair is possible. Now, another question – does a screen repair fix an LCD too? Yes, minor scratches can be fixed on an LCD using these steps. You can also find screen repair kits at your local big box stores where electronics are sold. 

Why is screen repair so expensive? 

Just like your dentist, a medical doctor or mechanic, computer repair technicians have specialized training in their field.  They pay for the education and certification, like A+ and others.  It can cost around $20 per hour, much like a plumber, or they may have a flat rate for screen repairs. 

A professional screen repair can cost around $300 and up. Or, if you have any technical background you can do your own or by purchasing the new screen between $50 and up to $100 online and replace it yourself. Like anything these days, you can find several YouTube videos online to walk you through the process. 

Is screen repair worth it?

With the information we provided above for screen repair cost by a professional, you can expect to pay a minimum of $300 plus parts. A new laptop, depending on what you need can be as low as $300 and upwards into the thousands. Again, it depends on what you need on your laptop.

It can also be based on what is on your current computer that you can’t afford to lose.  Deciding if a computer screen repair is worth the cost is a personal choice. Which is cheaper, screen repair or replacement will be a decision you’ll need to weigh out and decide.

Is there screen repair with warranty?

This will be up to the computer shop you use for your screen repair. In most cases, probably not because they have no control over how you use your computer.  They can only warranty the screen replacement and the work they do. 

Laptop with a cracked screen

Closing Words

If you breathe, live, and depend on your laptop for work, the muffling “CRACK” of a broken screen can be heart-stopping. Maybe it was dropped, stepped on, something heavy leaned against it, or it was just clumsiness. It doesn’t matter – you likely can’t use it until you have the screen repaired or replaced. 

Or maybe you’re working away and all of the sudden, you have a bright color on the screen (no, not the dreaded blue is dead screen), or there is nothing but bars running across or vertical lines. This is common when there is an electrical connection failure. Again, it doesn’t matter, does it? You just need computer screen repair now. 

Guess what? It isn’t the end of the world. It is a bump in the road, but often a screen repair is all you need. The cost of a screen repair vs LCD repair can start as low as $70 for labor up toward $180, along with the cost of the screen itself if screen repair isn’t possible and a new screen is required. 

It is recommended if this computer screen repair is for an essential computer for your business or work to use a certified and registered computer tech company. Finding one that is 3rd party authorized is akin to finding an authorized mechanic to work on your BMW. Or having a dentist do your open-heart surgery. 

Computers are cheaper than they were just ten years ago, but they can be expensive, and they can contain information you’ve worked on that is expensive or sensitive.  Never trust your computer to somebody that doesn’t prove their certified expertise. If you need help with screen repair in Long Island, NY reach out to TotalTech Repair at (631) 517-0021 today.