How to Choose Your Next Smartphone

When shopping for a new phone, do you know what features to look for? Depending on what you plan on using the phone for, there a few things you should keep in mind while researching which smartphone is best for your needs.


Do you play a lot of games?
Many people have begun using their phone as an alternative to popular handheld video game devices. If you like to play games on your phone, you might want a phone with a larger screen size for better gaming.

If you’re not really into gaming and want a phone that is comfortable enough to use with one hand, look for a screen size around 5 inches or less.

Is your phone full of selfies?
Phone companies today are very competitive when it comes to camera quality and who has the best camera changes constantly. If you are looking for a phone with a top quality camera, look for a smartphone that has a wide aperture and a high number in pixel size.

If you love taking pictures, you’ll want a phone with plenty of storage as well. Games are increasingly taking up more space in storage so it’s best to go with a phone with a minimum of 32GB storage.

Do you need a battery that lasts?
If you are always on the go, having a phone that constantly needs to sit on the charger is an inconvenience. Look for a phone with a 3,000 mAh battery or higher. These tend to last the longest even with lots of use. Newer phones come with fast charging capabilities as well, so when you do need to charge up your phone it won’t take hours for a full recharge.

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