How To Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

Are you one of those people who walks into a coffee shop and immediately looks for an electrical outlet? Do you regularly have to text your friend saying, “Sorry, my phone died”? If so, you may need a strategy to get the most out of your device’s battery life. When you’re running on low, follow these tips to get the most out of your battery.


  • Be sure to turn on your computer’s battery saver mode. This will help reduce battery power from non-essential tasks.
  • You can also adjust the brightness settings. Dim your screen and keyboard to save some power.
  • Turn off the music. If you often listen to music in the background, shut it off. Mute your speakers to completely cut off power.
  • Close unnecessary programs. If you have 5 programs, 20 browser tabs and 5 Word documents open, dial it back. Only keep open what you absolutely need to work on.


  • Many of the same tips go for your smartphone. Start by turning on your low power mode. This will reduce certain non-essential functions like some push notifications and mail fetch.
  • Dim your screen. If you can, lower your brightness as far as it will go.
  • Close apps. Many people have no idea how to close the apps on their phone, so make sure you are doing this regularly.
  • See what’s eating up your battery. If there’s a particular app using most of your battery life (Pokemon Go anyone?), try to cut back on its use.

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