How to Keep Your Phone Space Free

taking picture with cell phoneIf you have ever encountered a message on your phone that says you have no more free space, you know exactly how important it is to keep your number of applications and pictures to a minimum. Our devices give us instant access to all forms of media: having to stop and clear space is contrary to the speed of our technology and leaves us feeling frustrated. Here we have a few tips to help keep your phone space clear.

  1. Too many pictures. A common mobile photography strategy is to take many captures of the same shot – while this helps you secure the perfect shot, it will also leave you with lots of extra duplicates. Be sure to delete any extras as soon as you take them. Eventually, you will need to upload your pictures to your computer or to an online storage service and wipe the pictures from your phone clean.
  2. Too much music. Consider switching to an online music streaming service to channel your tunes. Some of these services allow you to create playlists of your favorite songs, so you are able to listen to exact music you would if your songs were stored on your phone.
  3. Too many apps. Apps can take up huge chunks of phone space. Whether you downloaded more games over the summer, or you have shopping apps for the holiday season, deleting apps can be a quick and easy fix to a storage space problem.

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