How to Prevent Your Phone Screen from Breaking

At TotalTech Repair, we know cracking your phone screen is quite a hassle. If the crack is mild, it’s unsightly and makes reading on your phone difficult. If the crack is severe, you may be getting tiny pieces of glass in your finger and reading is impossible. Below are a few tips to preventing those cracked screens that will save you from having to shell out the money for a repair.

  1. Keep your phone in a case. We know many phones look sleek without any type of case on them, but going without one increases your phone’s chances of a damaging fall. Many types of phone cases are made with protection AND aesthetics in mind, so you don’t have to sacrifice the sleek look of your phone for its safety. There are many in-store and online options for phone cases with varying levels of protection.

    cracked screen

    Cracks can be unsightly and make using your phone next to impossible.

  2. Use a screen protector (if that case doesn’t come with one). Although some of the more heavy-duty phone cases come with screen protectors, some do not. There are several types of tempered glass screen protectors on the market for many different models and types of phones. At minimum, even if you can’t bring yourself to put your phone in a case, get a screen protector to keep your phone’s screen from cracking. You’ll thank us for the recommendation when your phone falls and the protector takes the force of the fall and cracks but your phone’s screen underneath is still in pristine condition!
  3. Make good habits of keeping your phone in safe places away from water and possible falls. Do you need to carry your phone in your hand while you’re also carrying an armful of groceries? Probably not. A lot of times you’ll probably find that you’re carrying your phone in your hand when it may not even be convenient. Getting in the habit of keeping your phone in a purse, bag or secure zippered jacket pocket will save you from the devastation of needing a screen repair later.

If you do suffer a crack in your phone screen for any brand or model, don’t hesitate to call the pros at (631) 517-0021 and we can repair it for you quickly!