Is a home theater worth it?

a home theater set up

What is the home theater?

They seem to be all the rage these days with most homes converted from the old school analog television to the flat screen and home theater systems! Yes, gone are the days of the big, clunky style of televisions because now it is all about being digital.

Home theater systems consist of consumer-grade audio-visual equipment to be used for personal entertainment. It is installed in a home, often a room established as a home theater and reproduces an experience like that of a movie theater.

How do you build a home theater room?

Home theaters were once for the wealthy, but today technology is more affordable, and more homes have a home theater. They are either adding on a room specifically for a home theater, or they are converting an existing room into one, complete with home theater systems, lighting, and all.

When it comes to building a home theater room, your home theater budget will be a determining factor in how extravagant you can be. The possibilities are endless with the prices for home theater systems and furnishings today. You can have only the home theater basics or go completely all out and be as extravagant as you want.

There are some specifics that you need to follow for the best experience in a home theater, like minimizing outside light interfering. When it comes to the picture, it needs to be large enough to provide that movie theater “feeling”. Remember though, this is your home theater and the rules are yours to make or break, adapting to your own desires and limitations.

So, let’s go forward and see what you should have in space and home theater systems to give your family that MGM grand feeling:

The home theater room

For the best results in a home theater, choose a dedicated space. Unlike the family room or living room where other activities may be going on at the same time, this is all amount having a cinematic experience. A spare bedroom will suffice if it large enough. You want a space that is big enough to get the full effect that the components of home theater systems are enjoyed and felt.

Ambient light and sound

Eliminate any outside lighting from the outside and other rooms. This is not the room you want to bring in natural light and darken the walls by painting them black. The same is to be said for the sounds. Less from the outside and other rooms so that the system you choose from the various home theater systems is the only sound you’ll hear while viewing a movie. This requires darkening and soundproofing materials.

A/V component rack

Next to the screen, the A/V components and rack are a central focus for a home theater. The components you choose from the home theater systems available and the rack you’ll store them, and how you keep them maintained and organized is important. Here is where the BluRay player, cable box, DVD player, and network media streaming equipment, will be located. You’ll need ample and proper electrical outlets, Internet sources, proper ventilation, and stable rack or shelving.

The cinema feel and look

The classic movie theater for some are walls covered in red velvet walls with wall sconces, tiered seating, and the aroma of popcorn.  Today, it is a scaled-down version, or maybe totally different altogether. Either way, your budget, and your desires are your limits. Choose elaborate, tiered seats or build a sloped floor, either way, carpeting is a must to get the full soundproof effect of any of the home theater systems.

Seating allows proper viewing

Every seat in the room should be the “best” seat, meaning the view isn’t blocked. This is where the tiered seating comes into play, but depending on your budget and the space allowed, you may not be able to go to that extreme.  The distance between the seating and the screen will be based on the room size and the picture display size. A 55” flat-screen television is sufficient for an average-sized converted bedroom.

What is needed for a home theater?

A home theater requires a few major components, but again, it is your budget and the space you have dedicated for this use will dictate just how basic or extravagant you go. The minimum number of pieces needed to create a home theater are:

  • A television at least 27 inches diagonally with a clear picture.
  • A minimum of four speakers
  • Surround sound or soundbar that gives the surround-sound that signals four exterior speakers

This criteria for a home theater is the best you can afford. For a minimal budget allowance, a decent-sized television and a stereo system will work. You can upgrade this when the budget allows by adding extra speakers and other pieces of components inexpensively. Or, if budget allows, make the investment in quality home theater systems components of a basic surround-sound and a DVD player. If budget isn’t an issue, the home theater systems are your oyster, upgrade your home theater with a bar if so desired.

enjoying a movie in the dark

Which is a better soundbar or home theater?

Again, your budget and the space you have will dictate what components of home theater systems you get. From the point of the space you have, soundbars do not need as much room as speakers and they take less wiring. However, the sound quality isn’t as good as those home theater systems that come all together.

If you’re all about the cinematic sounds for your home theater, and you can create wire management, multiple speakers strategically placed through the room will give you a better experience when it comes home theater vs soundbar.   

At the end of the day, or at the end of the movie, you’ll enjoy your home theater more when you stay within your budget and make the most of the space you have. Investment in home theater systems is like a swimming pool. If you use it, you’ll get an ROI, but don’t count on getting that ROI if you plan to sell your home in the nearby future. Need help with your home theater set up in Long Island, NY? Call TotalTech Repair today at (631) 517-0021!