Mounting TVs and Creating Home Theaters

mounted TVPerhaps you have just brought home that shiny new flat screen TV that you found for a great deal and you are ready to fire it up to enjoy hours of crystal clear entertainment. But before you can do so, your TV must be safely mounted and secured. Why take the chance of endangering your new TV with an incorrect or inefficient mount? The team of tech experts at Total Tech Repair has years of experience mounting electronics of all sizes to secure TVs and home theaters in Long Island. For expert TV mounting and home theater installation, let Total Tech Repair be your first call!

While most flat screen TVs do come with mounts to secure them to the wall, these mounts can be finicky at times and they require precise attention for proper installation and to ensure it does not sustain damage. A damaged or incorrectly installed mount is a recipe for disaster, not to mention, it’s a risk to your TV and all those sitting or walking nearby.

Professional mounting allows for secure installation to last indefinitely, along with the bonus of concealing unsightly wires. For TV mounting and home theater installation, call us today at (631) 517-0021!