Why You Need Home Network Security

Home Network Security

A Hacker Can Steal Personal Information Through the Infiltration of Your Network.

Most of us rely heavily on our home internet network. Our computers, tablets, smartphones, and a host of other devices all operate thanks to the signal emitted by your home router. As technology has improved, routers have acquired the ability to broadcast wider and wider signals. While this has the obvious benefit of improved connectivity around your home, it also allows more people to see your network. Since you cannot trust the intentions of everyone in your home network’s radius, you should entrust your home network security to the team at TotalTech Repair.

Reasons for Home Network Security

A couple of reasons provide the rationale for improved network security in your home. Generally speaking, you want to protect your network from infiltration by those who will abuse its connection.

Personal Security: Someone who uses your network without permission represents a serious breach of personal security. An intruder can steal your personal information, and also use your IP address. This becomes highly problematic, as a hacker could use your network to download illegal materials and commit other crimes, all while associated with your IP.

Network Performance: You pay your internet provider each month for a certain amount of bandwidth. This bandwidth provides for all your online activities, from download to streams on your television. If this bandwidth becomes exceeded, you will experience less performance and, perhaps, the inability to enjoy certain functions. Unapproved users drain your bandwidth with their own activity, and take advantage of the service that’s rightfully yours alone.


At TotalTech Repair, we can provide for total security of your network. We will make sure that you are password protected, and create a password that’s virtually impossible to guess or hack. We can also hide your network name to prevent its appearance to unauthorized users, and change any default administration passwords on your router. To request our services or learn more about home network security in Long Island, NY, give us a call today at (631) 517-0021.