TV Mounting

Need more space in your media room? Tire of unattractive cables everywhere? Call Total Tech Repair at (631) 517-0021 for professional TV mounting in Long Island, NY! We will carefully install your new TV to ensure a safe and secure mount you can count on.

Benefits of a Wall-Mounted TV

Luxury Living Room with Mounted TV

Save Space and Boost Style with a Professionally Mounted TV in any Space!

There are many reasons people choose to mount their TV, including saving space and achieving a sleeker look. When the TV is mounted on the wall, you can use that freed up space on your media storage console for other things. Or, if you want your room to appear less cluttered and more sophisticated, you can eliminate the TV stand altogether. Wall mounting can also protect your TV from curious toddlers or rambunctious pets by getting it out of their reach!

Depending on the devices you want connected to your TV and your viewing habits, you can achieve a more streamlined look with a wall-mounted TV as well. Often times, a TV on a table or media console can look clunky and messy. Another major benefit is to create the optimal viewing angle. TV mounting should not be done arbitrarily; consider where you will be sitting and research the proper viewing angle, or call us!

Most flat screen TV are designed to be mounted and come with the required holes, though mounting hardware is sometimes separate. Our specialists will carefully consider your seating arrangement and environment to help you find the best location for your new TV. With professional TV, you can rest assured that your new HDTV will stay secured and not end up shattered on the floor.

Leave it to the Professionals!

Everyone has heard the horror stories of people destroying their brand new TVs by not mounting them properly. Don’t end up as one of those unfortunate souls and call Total Tech Repair today for precise TV mounting in Long Island, NY. We don’t just hang up your TV and leave; we make sure that your device is set up to provide you with the best possible viewing experience. Whether you want a TV in the guest bedroom or your home theater, call us for help at (631) 517-0021 today.