Computer Setup and Repair

When you need help setting up your new home computer, choose the experts at Total Tech Repair! We also provide professional computer repair for any problem you have. Call (631) 517-0021 today for computer repair and computer setup in Long Island, NY.

Professional Computer Setup

Computer Repair Technician Working on Computer

For Professional Home Computer Setup and Repair, Choose the Experts at Total Tech Repair!

Whether you are setting up a computer for your home office or general use, proper setup and configuration is essential. Our technicians will take into account your primary uses, whether it is work or gaming, to help you achieve the right computer setup. These steps will help improve performance and system function, so you don’t want to skip them! We will get everything setup and ready for you to use, as well as connecting additional devices such as a printer or additional monitor. Setting up your system also involves proper network security and virus protection.

Guaranteed Computer Repair

Looking for professional, at-home computer repairs? Total Tech Repair is the team you need! We can help you troubleshoot any hardware or software issues, remove viruses, and more! With our impressive warranties and guaranteed work, you can rest assured that your computer is in good hands. If we cannot fix your machine, or the repair would cost more than replacing the computer, you don’t need to pay. All replacement parts are covered by a 90-day warranty, while most other computer stores will only cover 30 days. We also provide LCD and laptop screen repair for those unfortunate incidents that come up.

Don’t give up on a virus-ridden computer, and don’t overpay for repair. Total Tech Repair offers complete repair at great prices for all your home computer systems. We can dig deep to remove malicious viruses and ensure that your computer is running properly and your personal information is secure. When making repairs or setting up your computer, we never access personal information without your permission. Our technicians honor and respect your privacy and do everything we can to help keep your computer safe from hackers and malware.

Contact Total Tech Repair today at (631) 517-0021 for comprehensive home computer repair and computer setup in Long Island, NY!