LCD and Laptop Screen Repair

Unfortunately, it is very easy to damage an LCD screen, and we see accidents happen all too often. Whether you tripped on your laptop’s power cord or your toddler knocked your device off the couch, don’t panic when your screen is black or covered in multicolored lines and spots. Call Total Tech Repair for expert LCD and laptop screen repair in Long Island, NY today at (631) 517-0021!

Laptop Screen Repair

Cracked LCD Laptop Screen

We Knows that Accidents Happen, so We Offer Guaranteed LCD Laptop Screen Repair

Nowadays most computer monitors, laptops, TVs, and mobile devices feature LCD (liquid crystal display) screens rather than the older CRT (cathode ray tube) displays. While LCD screens offer many benefits over CRT, they are susceptible to damage is exposed to any excessive heat or mechanical shock. For this reason, it is advised to not leave your laptop in a hot car on a summer day, and dropping it is a major problem. However, accidents happen and even if the internal hardware is not damaged, your screen might be toast. Signs of screen damage include white or black spots, splotches, lines, and cracked glass. If you see multicolored lines across your screen, the problem might be related to a graphics error rather than screen damage.

Don’t go out and buy a new laptop just yet, though! Bring your machine to Total Tech Repair for professional, affordable laptop screen repair in Long Island. We have extensive experience in handling LCD screens and will carefully assess the damage. If your screen needs replacing, you can trust our technicians to do it right. Plus, we offer a 90-day warranty on off part replacements, so if it fails, we’ll take care of it.

LCD Screen Repair

If you have other LCD screens that sustained damage, such as your new high definition TV, bring it into our store! Our technicians repair all types of LCD screens, including LED displays. Whether the screen is completely black or marked by dark spots, blurring, dead pixels, or colored lines, we will do what we can to get your screen operational again. Call the expert technicians at Total Tech Repair at (631) 517-0021 today for LCD and laptop screen repair in Long Island, NY.