Smartphone Cases: 4 of the Best Smartphone Cases

The best way to ensure your phone stays completely damage free is to choose a smartphone case. There are many phone cases out there ranging from artsy, cute, and functional. If you are tough on your phone, your best bet is a case that will keep your phone intact. Here are three of the best smartphone cases.

Smartphone Cases: 4 of the Best Smartphone Cases

Otterbox Smartphone Case

This is considered one of the best smartphone cases out there. Features include a built-in screen protector, polycarbonate shell, and button covers make it easy to use. These tend to run at $40 or higher.

Speck Smartphone Case

These are really popular phone cases. They are light-weight but are very durable. Speck offers a one year warranty which is really incredible for smartphone users. These run at $40 or higher.

Lifeproof Smartphone Case

Lifeproof cases are incredible smartphone cases if you are in an environment where your phone needs superior protection, like going to the lake or skiing. It can be submerged in up to 6 feet of water. Because the phone is indestructible, the phone case runs at around $90.

Ballistic Smartphone Case

This phone case can survive a drop from about 7 feet! If you are someone who likes to replace their screen protector more than once, this case comes with an extra one!

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