(Tech) Support Yourself!

woman typing Computers, smartphones and tablets have become commonplace in just about every aspect of daily life for Americans. Even though these tools have become an essential part of everyday activities, many people are unable to solve some of the most basic issues they experience. With a little help from our technicians, you can learn a few helpful tips and tricks to troubleshoot your basic computer issues.

Restart Your Device

The first step that anyone experiencing an issue with their computer or tablet should take to remedy their issue is to restart their device. While restarting your computer, take a moment to install any updates. Regularly installing updates helps keep your computer running efficiently by providing bug fixes and performance upgrades.

Slow Computers

There are several potential causes of a slow computer. The first step towards improving your electronic device’s speed is to verify the cause of the slowdown. Many times, people mistakenly believe the source of their computer’s slow speed is the device itself. However, your broadband connection can be the culprit for slow-loading and buffering videos and websites.

You can determine if your machine is the root of your slow loading times by checking the available space on your hard drive. If your hard drive is being fully utilized, your device’s performance will decline. Clearing a some space on your hard drive can help improve your computer’s speed and loading times.

To determine if your broadband connection is the issue causing slow loading speed, you can use various free internet broadband speed tests such as speedtest.net. Your speeds should be at least half of your internet provider’s advertised speed.