Tips for Designing Your Home Theater

Creating an immersive entertainment experience in your own home isn’t difficult, but there are many details to keep in mind. Follow these tips for designing your home theater to get the best experience possible!

The Room

Home Theater Room

Enjoy your Favorite Movies in Style with the Perfect Home Theater Setup

An ideal home theater space is a windowless, rectangular room. Because of the way that sound travels, it is best to place your screen and primary speakers on a short wall so the sound travels better. You don’t need sound absorption panels unless you are working with concrete walls and flooring. Otherwise, drywall and carpet will work just fine. You should also paint the walls a dark, neutral color for the best picture.

The Equipment

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose various speaker systems, screen types, and more. Think about these choices when designing your home theater. Do you want a large HDTV or projector? Where will the speakers be located? How many seats will you have? To get the best sound and picture experience, it is essential that the speakers, screen, and seats are at the proper distances from each other. If you don’t want to deal with trial and error, call a professional home theater installer for the perfect setup.

The Extras

No home theater experience is complete without snacks and other extra features! Whether you add a popcorn machine and soda fountain or keep it simple with a mini fridge, be sure to stock your theater with your favorite snacks and beverages. Other fun features might include comfortable reclining chairs, themed decor, and more.

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