Unwanted Company: Avoiding Computer Malware

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Follow These Safety Tips to Reduce the Chance of Your Computer Contracting Malware.

Are you worried that your computer might become infected with malware? There are many types of harmful tools that hackers use to interact with your computer.¬†Follow these safety guidelines, and you’ll greatly reduce your chances of contracting computer malware.

Tip #1: Only Download Trusted Applications

One of the most common ways of inserting spyware or ransomware onto a computer system is creating an baited application that looks like a popular legitimate tool. When downloading tools, games, or programs for your laptop or home computer, make sure you check for certifications. Avoid strange looking file names and be very hesitant to download programs from sites you aren’t familiar with. A capable protection software tool will usually point out suspicious websites and programs, but you still need to watch what you download.

Tip #2: Be Suspicious of Your Email

When you’re looking through dozens of emails everyday, it’s easy for important details to escape our notice. That’s what hacking professionals count on. A clever hacker can create a harmless looking email asking for credentials or financial information. They might have a file for you to download.

Be suspicious of unexpected emails, especially those that ask for your information. These “phishing” attacks are stealing millions of dollars worth of data every year, and leave your computer exposed to additional malware.

Tip #3: Do a Little Reading

There are tech companies entirely dedicated to researching and exposing the latest malware techniques across the globe. Many of these tech groups are happy to share news on how businesses and private citizens can avoid these malware attacks. You can arm yourself against malware by reading up on the latest security trends at least once a year.

If you suspect your laptop or home system has been exposed to computer malware, or if you’d simply like to learn more about computer security, you can talk with one of our specialists at TotalTech Repair. Give us a call at (631) 517-0021.