What are print designs?

printer creating business documents

Why print design?

Every business owner wants their business to stand out above the competition. This is done with the biggest sign on the building, the fanciest business cards, radio and television advertising, and good old fashion word-of-mouth. What works better today than all of that is print design for business advertising. 

With print design, focus is on your business name, branding, and what product or services are offered. With print design for businesses, you can create a unique design and logo that will become your branding and get your company recognized as soon as that logo is spotted. Nike would be one example – that swoosh logo says it all without saying anything. 

With print design and signage, you can’t help but get your company’s name out there and recognized. For a new business, its all about establishing your branding and for an established business, it’s all about keeping your branding recognized. What better way to do that than working with an experienced print designer? 

What does a print designer do?

A print designers is where to print graphic design is done, usually in a digital format these days. They work with you client on a print design for business from the concept and design of an emblem, logo, or symbol to the end product. That end product is then printed on various materials in a physical form in any of the following and more: 

  • Ceramic
  • Cloth
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Paper
  • Plastic 

The print design business is found any direction you look on any given day, all day. If you’re reading this piece on a computer, there is a logo on there somewhere that stated out as concept print design for business, like the Apple, Hewlett Packard, or Texas Instrument logos.

You cell phone has a brand name and logo on it, your tennis shoes, your car, and the components that create your car all have what was once an idea for a print design for business.  When you attend a function like a business trade show or an event like a concert, a rodeo, or any type of gathering, they are either handing things out with a print design for business logo or the theme of the event. 

A print designer works with a business owner to create those print design for business logos and themes. They help design something that is catchy and stands out from the competition. They often help a business owner choose the company “colors” and even the company “message”. 

What makes a good print design?

Designing a great end product that is deliverable is a creative process that is appreciated by many but understood by few. The aspect of how the print design for business goes from concept to computer screen to the finished product. The print design for businesses should fit their branding and the concept should be seen and understood across all platforms the print design is use.  A good print design for business will include the following five qualities: 

  • Readability: The style should be a simple read with a layout that aims so the viewer does not have to work at uncovering the message in a font that is easily read.
  • Placement: Keep it every print design for business clear and un-muddled. When print design for business is muddled, it loses the viewer’s attention and focus. Don’t keep it all centered with lots of white space and don’t feel every space has to be used. 
  • Audience: A good print design for business should stay focused on the intended audience. The information for any print desig for business should have an acceptable and direct message for the targeted audience. 
  • Grammar and Spelling: Poor grammar and spelling shows customers that errors and glitches are acceptable. A print design for business that has errors will stick with the branding and the targeted audience will loose confidence in that business. 
  • Layout: With a good print design for business, know what you want the reader to see first and what is important to see last for that lasting impression. Remember the average view will read from left to right, anything out of that normal can be confusing and the branding and message are lost. 

What is the difference between print design vs graphic design? 

To summarize the answer: A great print design for business will be a dreadful web design. The big canvas size print design is a controlled layout that makes it visually superior. A graphic design is engaging and interactive. The two media forms have many differences and different approaches are needed to use the strength each has to offer. 

  • Print design allows the eyes to “walk” over the information provided, being selective at what they want to see.  
  • Web design allows the hands to move around to what the user wants to see by clicking and scrolling. 

Why is print design important?

Having print design for business that is effective, well-designed in marketing materials builds your brand recognition and contributes to your business credibility. The branding that print design for business creates a connection emotionally and visually with the client base and future clients. Call (631) 517-0021 today to get started on your print design needs in Long Island, NY.