What Is the Ideal Size for a Home Theater Room?

A Home Theater Set-Up

What is the ideal size for a home theater room?

We’re spending a lot of time at home these days looking for ways to stay entertained. One of the best ways to improve your entertainment experience while at home is to install a home theater. How much room do you need to create an ideal home theater experience? Ideally, the more space you have, the better. That said, for the most immersive experience you ideally want to have a space that measures 20-feet long by 15-feet wide. Unless you already have the space, or you’re planning to do some serious remodeling, with the right tweaking most people can make do with the space they already have. If you are considering home theater installation in Long Island, NY, TotalTech Repair can transform any room into an entertainment center. Get started by calling (631) 517-0021.

How do I setup a home theater in a small room?

While a large room is ideal for a home theater installation, not everyone has the space available. If you want to create a home theater but only have a small space in which to do it, you’ll have to put quite a bit of thought into these elements:

  • Sound: For a fully immersive experience, the sound is one of the most important aspects of your home theater. You want to get a surround-sound effect without drowning in noise. For a small room, even a 3.1 system can be adequate, even though this isn’t true surround sound. A 5.1 surround-sound system should be more than enough for a small room.
  • Seating: You’re going to have to find a balance between space and comfort when it comes to seating in a small room. You’ll have to determine exactly how many people you want to be seated and how much space you want between seats. You also want to determine an ideal space between your seats and screen. Eighteen- to 24-inches between rows is typical seat spacing.
  • Location of your TV or screen: The space between seats and screen will be just as important to the experience as sound. You can determine the minimum distance between your screen and seating by multiplying the horizontal length of the screen by two or get the maximum distance by multiplying this length by five.

How do I know what size my home theater screen is?

Whether you’re using a projector or a TV, having the right size screen for your home theater can make or break the viewing experience. For the best viewing experience, you’re going to place your seats at a minimum distance that’s about twice the screen’s horizontal length. Several websites provide screen size calculators to help you determine the best size screen for your home theater.

Is a home theater system worth it?

If you are thinking about a home theater installation, will it really be worth your while to do so? Here are some pros and cons to weigh:


  • You have complete control over how you consume your media. You can watch movies and TV or play games or listen to music. You can pause or rewind when you want or need to do so.
  • Long-term savings. You won’t need to go to movie theaters because you can replicate the experience at home.
  • You’re able to entertain several guests with movie nights or watch parties for sports or other events.


  • Significant upfront investment in technology including projectors and sound systems.
  • Will probably need some kind of noise dampening material.
  • Activities in the room are limited to entertainment.

Does a home theater increase home value?

Several things will influence whether or not a home theater installation will add to your home’s value. Currently, because so many people are staying at home and looking for entertainment avenues, installing a home theater will add value to your home. If you live in a neighborhood where more homes have them than not, they can be a selling point. If you don’t have a home theater but another home in the neighborhood does, that home might sell faster and at a higher price because of it. On the other hand, especially in the current market, installing a home theater for the sake of having a home theater as a selling point might not prove a good return on investment.

What is home theater installation?

Home theater installation can mean many things, but primarily it’s taking extra space in your home and turning it into a high-tech entertainment center. This could mean anything from installing a large-screen TV, a sound system, and some comfortable recliners to replicating a movie theater or even building a separate structure that includes a screen and projector, as well as multiple theater-style seats.

Home theater installation hardware

A home theater is going to require you to install high-tech gadgetry of all kinds. At the very least you’re going to need a sound system that projects well to give you a great experience. Most home theaters have screens and projectors installed, as well as theater-style seating.

People Enjoy a Home Theater.

Who does home theater installation?

Because home theaters require a lot of high-tech devices, you’ll want to make sure everything works just right. For that, you’ll need the help of experts. When it comes to expert home theater installation and repair in Long Island, NY, few professionals can outmatch the team at TotalTech Repair. Begin immersing yourself in an entertainment experience today by calling (631) 517-0021.