Why is cybersecurity important?

cyber security

What is the use of Network Security?

Most people may hear about network security through movies, shows, or mentioned in an add on the radio, but never really consider what it means. At present, however, one in four Americans will personally know someone that will fall victim to cybercrime. Cybersecurity refers to the measures you take to defend yourself against such crimes. Network security for that matter includes the measures a person takes to protect their personal network of electronic resources. That means a person secures their personal devices by using both software and physical means. Measures for that can include anything from putting a password on your computer to customizing everything centered around your online use in both physical and on the internet. 
The importance of network security for that matter cannot be understated. Being that it has the potential to prevent a hefty amount of cybercrime that can affect a person personally and professionally. Practicing a modicum of security, such as putting a password on a regularly used electronic device or router can turn away many potential threats to you. Your home is where you should feel safest and when you practice network security it truly can be just that. When living in Long Island, NY and needing network security, consider TotalTech Repair. With one call to (631) 517-0021 you can have your questions answered about cybersecurity and set up an appointment with our network security services.

What are the 3 Principles of Information Security?

There is a mental way of thinking about cybersecurity and network security in what was known as the six atomic elements of information but is now known as the CIA triad. The CIA triad refers to the three principles of overall information security of which includes: 

  • Confidentiality 
  • Integrity 
  • Availability

Each of the three points of the CIA triad directly applies to network security with each term having a relatively direct meaning. Confidentiality covers the measures a person takes to shield their systems from those that have malicious intentions for your data. Integrity offers a general term for protections against edits and the removal of the necessary information. Availability means accessibility to your information and how easy it is to get by you. 

A computer security risk is an issue or breach that compromises any of the trifectas. These don’t necessarily include a compromise of network security, but can either lead to it or in some cases is a breach. Cutting down on risks by keeping your private devices protected by a password and accessible only to you is a good start.

What are the 4 types of networks?

Something to consider when working on cutting down your computer security risks is to understand what a network is. A computer network is the telecommunications network that unites devices between nodes. The four different types include:

  • WAN – wide area network
  • MAN – metropolitan area network
  • LAN – local area network
  • PAN – personal area network

Top to bottom, the list covers a massive area to a relatively small area. While WAN and MAN networks are meant for mass amounts of people, that means that you personally are broadly responsible for the network. You can, however, protect yourself by taking measures to beef up the security of the device connected to the larger networks. Using a system like a VPN (virtual private network), keeping the device close, and not joining any wifi spots that are unguarded or you do not completely trust. 

LAN and PAN are however easier to control and can be guarded almost as well as your own devices. Some of the best methods do include software that can warn you of potential threats, VPN’s, firewalls, and physically putting in hardware while also securing its safety on your property. It also helps to create a guest network that people needing to use your computer can access while under your supervision. This will limit them on what they can do while also keeping the data in your account safe. 

Many security risks that affect networks, in general, come in the form of viruses, malware, malicious programs, and phishing. The primary methods these threats enter your network and systems through is by email as well as physically to the device. When proper care is taken on both fronts, you can have better network security. 

cyber security

What are the basic concepts of network security?

For those unfamiliar with network security and cybersecurity, the basic concepts cover who has access to the devices, the updates occurring on the program on the device, what software and hardware are installed to protect it, and what is filtered out from what the user can see. Basically, these are measures a person can take to protect their personal devices and can be used as a checklist to make sure you are practicing network security safety. It takes into account all of the security measures mentioned as well as computer securities taken as well. Computer securities in network security is the protection a person takes to defend their personal device against breaches and theft. When you need computer services in Long Island, NY, consider TotalTech Repair. Call (631) 517-0021 today to schedule your appointment.