Why is my computer running slow?

5 Reasons Your Computer is Slow

One of the most common issues computer uses face is a slow running system. Nothing is more frustrating than a computer that takes forever to load webpages, open programs and perform simple operations. If your computer is running slow and you can’t figure out why, consider the following five reasons your computer may be sluggish.

#1: Clutter

One of the major reasons your computer may be running slow is because of too many programs running at once. This is true not only of your PC but of a smartphone too. When you have a cluttered system with too many programs running, your processor cannot handle it and slows down.

#2: Lack of Space

boardIf your hard drive is running out of space, your computer will run slow. This is most often the case with older computers that did not come equipped with large hard drives. Your space can be eaten up easily by videos, photos and more. This will cause your computer to run slow.

#3: Fragments

Your computer should frequently be defragmented. Your computer basically runs through processes quickly and often does not keep things organized, leading to fragmentation. By defragging your computer you can clean up these fragments which will cause a sluggish operation.

#4: Take a Break

keyboardIf you have not restarted your computer in a long time, it can cause your system to run slowly. Often your computer cannot complete important updates until a restart is performed. This is a simple fix, but often neglected by busy computer users.

#5: Virus

virusThis is perhaps one of the better known causes for problems with your operating system. If your computer has a virus, you will encounter slow operating speeds. This can be more difficult to solve than many of the other problems as some viruses are extremely difficult to rid your computer of.

If you have a sluggish computer, contact us at Total Tech Repair. We can troubleshoot the issue and help your computer operate at high speeds again.